Bombay Chaat House


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Former Location
1475 East Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY 14623
Status (as of 2021)

See Gone, but not forgotten


NOTE: menu added by DeepBhatt in October 2009 and may not be current


Daily Specials — $6.99

Indian Sweets



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2009-09-06 22:31:06   I came here for lunch on Saturday and was very satisfied. For those who don't know, chaat is to Indian cuisine what tapas are to Spanish cuisine. Small portions of time tested favorites. My friend and I got a couple Samosas and the Paani Poori and Bhel Poori and they were all excellent, we also got the Gulab Jaamun for dessert and some Chai. To be honest, I think it was the best tasting Indian food I've had in Rochester and I've eaten at all the other places. Everything was very flavorful and fresh. You can't find the many of the things they serve at any other restaurant in the area. The couple that owns the restaurant are very friendly and attentive as well, chatting with us and asking how we liked the food. If I still worked in Henrietta, I would make this a regular stop for lunch.

If you've never tried Paani Poori, give it a shot, it's really tasty, a bunch of hollow thin fried shells filled with a spiced blend of chickpeas, onions, and spices. You get a cup of very flavorful broth that you pour into the shell and eat it in one bite. —AlexD1234

2009-10-26 20:48:13   Nice place for an inexpensive snack. —ThomasPawlik

2010-02-04 20:31:26   Definitely become one of my fav places in Rochester for cheap and fast Indian food. The couple who run it are very nice. They serve all the indian snack food that I never thought I would find in Rochester! I try and get samosas for chai here often. They also have a small selection of kebabs and really good (and spicy) biryani. They also have nightly specials which you have to ask about. Only complaint is that some of the fried snacks tend to be a little oilier than I like, probably because they microwave to reheat them before serving. I'd suggest getting takeout and reheating them in a toaster oven instead! —MehulMalik

2010-02-07 14:55:25   This has some of the best Indian food in Rochester. While the menu is a little limited, everything I've had here has been good. The only place in town with Paani Puri. They have great pakoras (vegetables fried in chickpea batter. They have medium-spicy peppers, spinach-onion fritters, and some others, all good). I'm a big fan of samosa chaat (basically, a chaat plate (chickpeas, onions, tomato, coriander, citrus-and-tamarind sauce) with a broken-up vegetable samosa), while my wife favors their gobi (cauliflower) parathas (thin crepes). We usually eat vegetarian there, but they have nice meat dishes too (the meat samosas are a little too meaty for me (I prefer a mix of meat and veggies), but they're quite good, as are the kebabs. Their Chana Bhatura is really good as well (lighter than most, though it's not a light dish). Lastly, their sweets are by far the best in town.

It's less formal than the other Indian places - about as formal as a pizza parlor. Good for a quick casual bite - Not the place to go for a long formal meal. It's casual, comfortable, clean and good. Also the best value in town for Indian food. —RossMessing

2010-02-12 19:41:49   Nothing fancy here, just clean, neat, and yummy food. Mainly take out with four small tables. Friendly owners (man and wife I think) and some very wonderful dishes, at very reasonable prices. The samosas were wonderful, perhaps the best we've had and most likely made there at the restaurant. We'll definitely be back. —DottieHoffmann

2010-04-06 15:19:33   Try the 'kachori' here with sweet chutney - the only place in town (I know) where you can get this appetizer. —MVP

2010-07-06 21:08:15   Had my first Chaat House experience last week. Not much of a decor, but that doesn't really bug me. Ordered the chicken curry special. Nothing wrong with it, but it could have had a little more kick to it. Preferred Haveli's chicken curry, but again this was tasty. The woman I dealt with was VERY friendly as I stated I was a first timer. She was happy to explain to me what certain items were, what goes in them, and how they are prepared so there were no surprises. Will return for a second time. —MikeC

2010-12-05 15:06:42   Very pleased to add another positive comment to this page. Just tried this place for the first time. Most stuff's fried, and served (at least for takeout) warm or in need of microwaving seemingly at random, but it's absolutely delicious. Spicier than any other Indian place I've tried in Rochester, but it's a flavorful spicy, not just hot for the sake of hot. Friendly staff very patiently explained all of the dishes. Unique and tasty. —TimCrist

2011-03-18 16:56:22   This has become my new favorite place to eat Indian food in Rochester. The flavors and spices are bold, not the watered down americanized fare found in most places. Love it! —jberna

2012-09-12 22:27:40   Went here for takeout for the first time tonight. Ordered a vegetarian combo special, which consisted of two vegetarian entrees (I chose the mixed vegetables with paneer and the lentils) and two rounds of naan. Positives: Extremely friendly, fast service. Excellent naan, made right before my eyes. Negatives: The entrees were extremely salty, the lentils in particular. My husband and I nearly choked on our first bite. Normally I am a person who is quite liberal with the salt shaker, so I'm not usually sensitive to salty things- hence, the sodium content of those lentils must have been through the roof. It was a shame, because I could tell the dish had some complex spicing to it, but I couldn't appreciate the spices through the spray of salt that assaulted (pun intended) my palette. Because of this, I'm not sure whether I'll go back ... Perhaps I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that the lid fell of their salt shaker this evening without them noticing ... —ajh

2012-09-19 09:06:44   I have to concur with ajh. In general, I have had a good experience with the entrees - the lamb vindaloo, for example, was truly spicy. However, on my last visit, the mustard greens dish was terribly salty, to the point it couldn't be eaten. I had take-out, so couldn't quite get back to the place to complain. Will have to see how it is next time, but I'll be 'tasting' before ordering. —MVP

2013-01-06 14:20:15   Our favorite Indian restaurant anywhere. They catered our daughter's graduation party, and Romy's chili pakora and samosa were big hits even with Indian food neophytes. The food is very tasty. —rxscabin