Mama Rosa

Former Location
1733 Norton St #5, Rochester NY, 14609
CLOSED of 2011

See Gone, but Not Forgotten


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2007-07-14 23:40:48   Yes, it's an old time Italian place with a less than imaginative menu, rickety chairs and patrons who mostly need to go on weight watchers, but the food is always very good and the salad and bread are great. To the dozens of people waiting to get in to Olive Garden, I say try a local place for a change! —RalphMeranto

2007-11-10 18:29:07   Ate here for the first time in Nov. 07. The food was great! I ordered tortellini with calamari and langostinos (sp?). The waitress said they were out of langostinos, and would substitute shrimp if it was okay. The shrimp that came were large and succulent. The calamari was cooked perfectly. Others had the parmigiana combo (chicken and egglant) and a garlic sauce with shrimp over a delicate chicken breast and escarole. Both diners were very happy. The chicken in the garlic sauce was especially tender. They had the best bread I've had in a Rochester Italian restaurant. I had to ask for olive oil for dipping though. The tossed salad served family style had good lettuce but only chick peas, a couple tomato slices and white onion that was a little too strong for a salad. Salads are usually dressed but they accommodated us with dressing on the side. I liked the servers, they were friendly and up to the frequent demands of one member of our party. Don't go here expecting cutting edge decor- think 1960's Italian. —AmyLa

2010-08-08 08:19:57   Bad Food, Bad Service.... So I just moved to the neighborhood and thought I'd try this place out. For starters, my girlfriend and I got glares from all the 'regular customers' as if "who are these people? I ordered lasagna that was literally cold in the middle. My girlfriend ordered the fish fry which made her sick. On top of that, after the waitress took the plates away, we had at least a 15 - 20 minute wait before we could flag her down to get the check! And another angry customer was trying to get her attention because his food took so long. So the combination of bad food and bad service means I won't be going back. I guess they will have to survive on the regulars who have been going there for years. I expect more in a restaurant. —CoreySapp

2011-01-15 09:42:23   I ate here last weekend with my family. I found the restaurant to be clean and bright inside and very inviting. The menu wasn't overly complex, but had all of the classic Italian favorites. I ordered rigatoni with sausage which was great. Dinner came with rolls and a side salad. The best part of the meal was that everything was handmade. The pasta, the sausage. Everything. Service was the friendliest I've seen in quite a while. If you're sick of supporting chain Italian restaurants with waiters who don't care, come and support a restaurant that is locally owned and really gets it right. —StevePlace

2011-04-13 19:51:08   it was THE absolute best food i have ever eatin —TheRochesterGenius