Raging Burrito

Former Location
1046 University Ave, Rochester, NY 14607

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

The business is now Hot Shots.


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2005-10-08 16:16:14   Mmmmm. I can only hope... —TobinFricke

2005-10-09 09:24:23   I've been craving Chipotle, would this suffice? —JayUnnikrishnan

2005-10-09 14:04:45   Not as many options as Chipotle, and I don't think they make it assembly-line style in front of you. Could definitely use some heat in the seasonings. But given the alternatives around here... —JonRobins

2005-10-09 16:59:57   This place has already changed it's name. And it's extremely expensive. Don't bother. —RyDahl

2010-07-15 19:34:57   Cross posted from the Hot Shots page: Just had a meal from here tonight: good burritos. The Chipotle burrito was the best, the Jamaican Jerk one was a little weird with the excessive clove flavor, but spiced up with some Frank's Chile Lime, tasted ok. The Mexican Plate was ok. Prices are good, in the $7-8 range, so we all were happy. And it's close to home! Cheaper than Chipotle, but not quite as flavorful. —KatieSchmitz

2013-06-10 15:57:16   There's a restaurant called "Raging Burrito and Tacos" in suburban Atlanta. Anyone know if they have a connection to the Rochester restaurant? I notice they have the same logo, slogan, a similar menu and of course, name. The one in Atlanta says they've been open since 1996. —sub619

2013-06-10 16:58:25   sub619 - In short, yes there is a franchise relationship. See: [WWW]http://www.rochestercitynewspaper.com/rochester/raging-burrito/Content?oid=2126805jgerek