Former Location
127 Railroad Street, Rochester NY, 14609
Status (as of March 2022)

See gone, but not forgotten


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2017-05-28 17:33:07   I was so excited about both the donuts and fried chicken! I sincerely hope the fried chicken is better than the donut experience I had this very disappointing - and incredibly expensive ($3.25 a piece!!!!). My friend and I ordered two donuts to try - the "house" donut was OK.. nothing special at all. The strawberry Shortcake one, we didn't even finish, most of it went in the garbage - not worth the calories... sad...

2017-06-05 21:19:01   I had a maple-bacon doughnut and a coffee for $7.50. I was pleased to meet owner John Ebel. The coffee was good, the doughnut was OK. When eating something called a maple-bacon doughnut, one shouldn't complain about the calories, but four bucks for a doughnut is pretty steep. —GaryGocek

2018-01-09 20:18:58   The fried chicken sandwich is very good. Nothing special about the one flavor of doughnut I tasted. —scotthendler