Former Location
127 Railroad Street, Rochester NY, 14609
Status (as of March 2022)
Temporarily Closed
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Boxcar is donut shop, Coffee House, bar and Fried Chicken restaurant formerly located near the Public Market, down the street from Rohrbach Brewing Company. The business is owned by the same people that own Glen Edith Coffee Roasters. All donuts are home made and they offer interesting flavors with bacon, cereal and fruit. Opened May 20, 2017; closed temporarily March 21, 2022 in order to relocate after losing their lease.


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2017-05-28 17:33:07   I was so excited about both the donuts and fried chicken! I sincerely hope the fried chicken is better than the donut experience I had this very disappointing - and incredibly expensive ($3.25 a piece!!!!). My friend and I ordered two donuts to try - the "house" donut was OK.. nothing special at all. The strawberry Shortcake one, we didn't even finish, most of it went in the garbage - not worth the calories... sad...

2017-06-05 21:19:01   I had a maple-bacon doughnut and a coffee for $7.50. I was pleased to meet owner John Ebel. The coffee was good, the doughnut was OK. When eating something called a maple-bacon doughnut, one shouldn't complain about the calories, but four bucks for a doughnut is pretty steep. —GaryGocek

2018-01-09 20:18:58   The fried chicken sandwich is very good. Nothing special about the one flavor of doughnut I tasted. —scotthendler