Doughboy's Pizzeria


doughboys1.jpgTwo slices of Doughboy's pizza. doughboys3jpg.jpgDoughboy's is near Rick's Place in the Great Win Plaza on East Ridge Road.

Former Location
1963 East Ridge Road, Irondequoit NY, 14622
CLOSED (as of 2011)
[WWW]Oct 9 2009 Rochester NY Pizza Blog review

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2008-08-03 16:47:21   I have a friend who refuses to eat any pizza that doesn't come from a large chain. She likes the uniform, golden brown crust, and scorns neighborhood pizzerias as "side shop pizza." I think she would like Doughboy's. That's not necessarily an insult. The first few bites were tasty, and the crust has a nice crisp crunch. That's all it has though - by the time you're left with just the crust, you realize it's tasteless white flour.

Next time I come to Doughboy's, I'm trying the "stuffed bread" - a 1 lb. loaf of bread stuffed with cheese and pepperoni. Sounds like stromboli to me, but finding a place that does 'boli (other than the great Stromboli Express) is rare 'round these parts. —ZachSmalt