Veterinary Specialists of Rochester

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825 White Spruce Boulevard, Rochester NY, 14623 [Directions]
Hours (as of January 2010)
Monday - Saturday: 7:00AM to 6:00PM (Appointments)
Open 24-Hours for Emergency Needs
585 424 1260
Wheelchair Accessible

Also known as Animal Emergency Service, Veterinary Specialists of Rochester (aka VES) offers veterinary services both by appointment and is also our region's only 24-hour Emergency Vet. They are located off East Henrietta Road across from MCC.

NOTE: All emergency visits have a minimum cost of $75 and they do take Credit-Cards.

VES is in a collaboration with other Veterinary facilities including:

* Animal Hospital of Pittsford
* Animal Rehabilitation Center of Rochester
* Bayview Animal Hospital
* Cats & Critters
* East River Veterinary Hospital
* Fairview Veterinary Hospital
* Greece Animal Hospital
* Irondequoit Animal Hospital
* Penfield Veterinary Hospital
* Perinton Veterinary Hospital
* Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital
* Suburban Animal Hospital
* Veterinary Housecall Service of Rochester


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2009-11-19 14:38:34 Dr. Prober, Ally and the rest of the staff have been so amazing in the care they have given my dog. They saved her life and are just awesome. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone. —BadFish

2010-01-20 23:33:53   VES performed the knee surgery on my little one and the care was exceptional. After her surgery I couldn't sleep and they let me come and see her after-hours (1am). —PeteB

2010-12-28 11:11:32   Took our dog here after he was bitten by another dog. First, they knocked him out when every other vet has said its dangerous for a dog his age (aged 11). Second, they lacerated the bite and made it deeper and almost twice as long along with saying, "I saw a little bruising so I cut that out too." Third, and I know I'm no surgeon, but the stitching was subpar. The top was a mess with a fold of skin included and didn't look completely closed either. And then they gave him a breathing tube and fluids as well when it wasn't necessary. Then no pain meds were prescribed when he was clearly in pain from this wound becoming massive by going here. Just antibiotics. And no instructions on how to keep him from scratching the wound.

We called our normal vet the next day and they were furious over the treatment. They would've just cleaned the wound and gave him antibiotics and maybe some pain meds if he was that uncomfortable. Only closing it if it was really deep which this vet admitted it wasn't at all. Until they made it deep.

Its unfortunate this is the only 24-hour service in the city. I will never go here again.