South Wedge Colony Bar & Grille


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Former Location
503 South Ave, Rochester NY, 14620
CLOSED (as of January 2014)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

It closed in January 2014. According to the Democrat and Chronicle, in an article about the current La Casa Restaurant lawsuit:


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2012-01-29 02:27:23   I thought that this place was really chill until tonight when the owner showed up and treated everyone in the bar like shit. My friends and I are people who don't cause trouble at bars, but he had his bouncers assult one of us, and lied to police about what happened. This guy is the worst. Avoid this bar like the plague. —hankmoody

2012-01-29 02:40:37   The comments on here by "joni" are complete lies...the owner/bouncers need to be held accountable for their actions. —hankmoody

2012-01-29 09:27:55   I wish I could say this place is amazing. Started coming here a couple weeks ago consistently. Colony has AMAZING food (one of the best garbage plates in town), great drink specials, and an awesome chill set-up. There fooseball table is a godsend. Heck, we had my engagement party here. But sadly it's too good to be true and I encourage people to stay away from Colony for their own good. The last time I was there, a friend of mine was wrongfully accused of damaging property. There was no proof whatsoever, but the bouncer felt it necessary to assault my friend and haul them out of the bar. The owner proceeded to call the cops and demanded that my friend be arrested for causing hundreds of dollars of damages. The cops called the owners' BS on overvaluing the damage but even after he was recompensed financially, he continued to want to press charges The owner then tried to have another friend kicked out for expressing his/her disgust at how the owner treated clients and indicating that they would take their patronage elsewhere in the future. Just because you own an establishment doesn't give the right to make wild and unsupported claims against your patrons. And when your patrons (who clearly were not belligerently drunk) try to make ammends for something THEY DIDN'T EVEN DO, it is generally in bad taste to continue to try to have them arrested. If you don't mind be wrongfully arrested, assaulted, and otherwise harrassed without provocation, by all means go to Colony. If you prefer to drink and chill in peace, I'd go elsewhere. —FrederickTaggart

2012-01-29 09:36:07   Also found it interesting that the bouncer eyed me up and down and hit on me when I entered the bar in lieu of IDing me (I had my ID in hand all prepared to hand it over cuz I tend to get mistaken for a high school student). Just sayin' Mr. Bouncer, last night I was angry enough to wish that I was under 21 and could get you screwed for serving to under-aged patrons. —FrederickTaggart

2012-01-29 16:36:43   A group of people did come in to the bar. An employee fortunately happened to be standing outside of the bathroom door when all of a sudden you could hear extremely loud pounding coming from inside the bathroom throughout the bar. Everyone stopped and looked. All of a sudden one male exits the bathroom and there is a gigantic hole in the bathroom wall. He acknowledges the damages and says "I will pay for the repairs," because he knows that he has been caught. Next thing you know one of his friends is coaching him on what to say and all of a sudden he didn't do it. So yes the police were called. He did pay for the damages. Did he pay because he didn't do it? I'll leave that to you to decide for yourself. —joni

2012-01-29 19:12:26   Joni will really come on here and try to spin things. The fact is that the owner, Greg Joy, is the one who should have been arrested. And the person who was accused of "punching a huge whole in the bathroom wall" didn't pay for the damages, one of our other friends did because this drunk, violent owner kept threatening to send our friend to jail. The police told us that no one admitted any wrong doing by paying for the damages, because it was cheaper that having to bail a friend out of jail. This owner is completely in the wrong on this, and will be lucky to not get sued. And the police all said that this guy has gotten in trouble for assulting customers before, so if the cops were on our side, who do you think was telling the truth? I'll let you decide for yourself. —hankmoody

2012-01-29 19:20:47   And I love that Joni starts their statement with "A group of people did come into the bar", because our group made up about 90% of the clientele at this bar. Now we know why no one was going there. This group won't make the mistake of spending a lot of money in your establishment anymore Joni, so don't worry. And I wouldn't be surprised if it was the owner himself or one of his friends that damaged the bathroom. He was incredibly drunk and seemed to just want to be in a fight. Good luck with your bar, I'm sure someone will either sue you and you'll lose everything, or people will just stop going because of you. —hankmoody

2012-02-01 11:31:16   Ummm... I'm confused. Joni, you may not understand this, but the point of sites such as Rocwiki, Yelp, etc is for customers/patrons to describe their experiences with establishment so as to inform future customers. That is exactly what individuals on here have done: describe their particular experiences. While I understand the desire to defend where you work(presumably), it seems odd that you believe that your establishment's service/product cannot speak for itself. I don't believe I have ever seen a service/product provider feel the need to verbally defend its reputation largely because they understand that provision of a quality product is more important than words posted on a website. Therefore, I can only interpret your efforts to defend this establishment as an indirect confirmation of the truth of the reviews being posted. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." —FrederickTaggart

2012-02-01 12:39:17   (note: this is a copy of the review I posted at Yelp)

I USED to enjoy going to this bar, it is the only bar I know of in Rochester that has a Foosball table. Their drink specials are amazing, the atmosphere WAS always fun and the food is always predictably good.

This was until an incident that involved a friend of mine getting randomly thrown to the ground by the drunken bar owner, having the Rochester police department called on him and being threatened to pay $300 fine or risk prosecution. I am now terrified of going here, being wrongly accused of breaking something, being thrown to the ground by a drunken goon, having the police called and forced to pay an 800% markup on something that I didn't break or threatened with prosecution.

I understand the owners desire to maintain a high class establishment, but accusing people of doing things that they did not do is not an effective way of building a reputation, or at least building the kind of reputation that drives business. This incident has caused a group of about 20 who had been here 3 weekends in a row to never want to come back. I have heard similar stories of this nature on Rochester wiki, and had a similar experience when two bouncers ran up to me with flashlights in my eyes yelling at me because my feet were on the couch. —GDownie

2012-02-01 12:53:26   Does anyone know another place in Rochester that has Foosball? I would even be willing to pay more for drinks & food and seeing as we all used to drive to Colony, (yeah we aren't the beligerently drunk type) would be willing to drive a bit. —GDownie

2012-02-24 14:47:50   I recently started spending some time at Colony, at the recommendation of a friend. I must say, I have personally always enjoyed myself there. The staff has always been friendly, the food delicious and reasonably priced, and they have excellent drink specials. The location itself is very well maintained, if not downright classy for the neighborhood, and they have one of the best pool tables in the Southwedge. I like that there is enough space to enjoy conversations with friends even when there is a crowd. I recently went down on a night where they were hosting an event for young area professionals and it was PACKED! I was greeted with a smile and handshake from the guy at the door, who recognized me immediately, even though we'd only met a couple of times. In spite of the crowd I was served at the bar within a couple of short minutes, amd waited only about 10 minutes before picking up a game on the pool table. It's a shame that some people claim to have had poor experiences here, but in my experience (both at Colony and in life), you get back what you put in. Myself and my friends have always been respectful and friendly patrons while visitong Colony, amd have never received anything but respect and friendliness in return. My suggestion to anyone thinking about stopping in for the first time? Do it, form your own opinion... Odds are you'll want to return again soon. —JoshF

2013-01-20 16:11:27   Been there a couple of times late. I enjoy the atmosphere and I've always had good service at the bar. I like how big and open the place is, and how the dart boards are usually open and in a good spot. —DE

2013-09-26 15:29:31   I recently moved into the South Wedge neighborhood of Rochester. There is certainly a lot to like in this part of the city. I enjoy all of the little boutique shops and eateries as well as the diversity when it comes to the nightlife here. I just wanted to say how much I like and enjoy my time at the Colony. I moved here for a job at the U of R from a larger metropolitan area and this place reminds me of home. The staff is very friendly, the place itself is very beautiful, not at all what I expected and it has to be one of the cleanest bars I have ever frequented in my entire life. The thing that really keeps me coming back though is the food, it is AMAZING! I've always known that this part of the country has great food, but this is incredible. I am partial to a burger they call the "Holy Grail," but everything that I have ever had was something to write home about, hence, the reason I am here. If you are looking for one of those diamonds in the rough, this is definitely your spot. —Helenv