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The South Wedge Colony Bar & Grille Comments Archive contains comments made prior to 2012.

2008-08-07 20:14:46   It is indeed open for business, and I've heard good things. However, arriving at 5pm on a Thursday, my small group of freelance alcohol metabolism researchers found it closed, and there were no hours posted on the door. We ended up elsewhere, but the lack of posted hours is a little disconcerting, as is the lack of operations on a perfectly drinkable Thursday evening. I look forward to trying it out if I'm ever around there and they're open... —RyanTucker

2008-08-08 13:21:51   Very nice chill bar. They did a great job on the interior renovations, but on a hot summer night, with no air conditioning in the old building, it was a bit unbearable. They had lots of fans going but it wasnt doing much. But the place was nice and they had a decent beer selection. Id go back. —MrRochester

2009-01-02 10:04:35   I love this bar. great atmosphere, great decor, great drinks, great prices and food until 2am! a fabulous addition to the South Wedge. —HyunMee

2009-04-27 01:52:28   A nice place for people who want to have some drinks and be social. The place has a couple of soft-tip dart boards and a pool table. Great drink prices & friendly bar staff. BONUS: the popped-collar-spray-tan-douchebag quotient is significantly lower than anywhere in the East End :) I've heard that outdoor seating and air conditioning are coming soon (hooray!). —NathanHenderson

2009-04-27 14:32:43   Always have a great time at this place! The atmosphere is a happy compromise of a lounge and a sports bar. The bartenders are attentive, the food is great (with great prices) and quickly delivered! Love the drink specials! This has become a new staple for the Wedge! —AmyPolo

2010-06-09 02:25:19   NOTE: The "popped-collar-spray-tan-douchebag" contingent mentioned above has discovered this bar. As someone who lives in this area, certain nights are loud and obnoxious, with roving throngs of barely 21-year olds annoying the neighborhood, shouting and honking car horns until well past 2am. On slow nights, the bar is nice inside, though. But its change in the last year or so has not been for the better. I'd avoid it. —AdamLynch

2010-07-30 12:48:39   First started going here in winter 2009-2010 and really enjoyed it at first, but the clientele has gotten douchier and douchier since then. What's worse, the bartenders and bouncers seem to have taken a liking to these characters. Myself and a friend kept having some immature dorks make distracting noises while we were shooting pool. When I confronted these little turds, the bouncer got in MY face and told me to cut it out like I was the one instigating. Also, my friend ordered pizza then turned his back for 30 seconds to talk to someone and the bartender took his change as a tip and then lied about it. When confronted for the change, he got irate and threw us out.

Steer clear unless you have a really high tolerance for young, yuppie college kids who think they're suddenly awesome for renting an apartment downtown. —Casey

2010-10-26 04:51:50   The bar is fine except for the neanderthal lizard brained idiot who I think manages the place and drives a silver VW. This pathetic fool seems to fancy himself a policeman and believes he has the right to harass people outside his bar, on public grounds, seemingly because he is angry that he couldn't convince a young girl to go home with him ("I swear I have like 20 alarm clocks, you'll wake up in time") As far as I'm concerned, violent egotistical wannabe yuppie losers like him are far more annoying and dangerous than the broke cats who spend all day in the park, and the neighborhood would be better without testosterone fueled fools like him. —danmalik

2010-11-01 16:33:51   Went this Saturday to a bunch of tough guy bouncers who punched my friend in the face and pushed my girlfriend down the stairs in front. Would suggest caution while going to this establishment... —Jeff

2010-11-02 16:49:18   I did call the police, but they said they generally side with the bouncers and asked us to leave. The cop stopped us after we were down the street and told us he has heard of many complaints about Colony but there is not much he can do about it. This place is trouble, i would suggest staying away. —Jeff

2010-11-08 12:48:27   To reiterate Jeff's comment I had a friend who went through a very similar situation here. There was a drunken NOT WORKING bouncer ID'ing people at the door (so drunk he could not read the licenses). He then, with no provocation, proceeded to get in my friends face as if he was causing issues multiple times. Meanwhile all the bartender said was "don't mind him, he's drunk". Classy. —DarrenKemp

2011-01-26 15:27:11   I just finished reading all these posts about Southwedge Colony Bar. I think the Liquor Board would be interested in all this information. I found there number to the complaint Hotline —— 716-847-3039. —WilliamStevens Upload new image "photo.jpg"

2011-11-27 14:03:12   The Southwedge Colony would like to take this opportunity to point out that we are committed to the highest levels of customer service. We are aware of the previous comments made on this page and would like everyone to consider that when certain patrons behave inappropriately they are politely asked to leave by our professional staff. Their recourse it would seem, is to come to this page in an effort to try and damage our reputation, by telling a fabricated tale that completely ignores and disregards any responsibility for their own actions. We welcome anyone that can be respectful to other guests as well as the establishment itself. —joni

2011-12-16 23:55:05   @the bar, no one here on a friday nite. Now I know why. Bartenders wonteven look at you. For god sake be socialable. Your a bartender!! Had to ask for a shot every time, and there is a special going on. Would have called my friends to meet me here but not now. Forget it. I should start my"bar nightmares". I tended for 16 years myself. Yea I need to talk to the owner, this place had great potential —Manchu19

2011-12-21 17:20:28   Mr Manchu19. You were politely served by our staff. I would like the world to know the truth about the reason for your review. You wrote your review based on the fact that you hit on the bartender and were shot down. An old man sitting alone at the end of the bar, barking orders and telling stories about how you used to do it in Niagara Falls is not charming. Either is wanting to know the bartenders "exact address." As far as bar nightmares go, you can go ahead and categorize yourself under Creeper. —joni

2011-12-30 16:22:14   I have to say, I'm surprised by all the negative comments about this bar. I was going here weekly over the summer and have been a couple of times since the semester started, and I have never had a negative experience. My friends and I have never had issues with the service and the drink specials are great! Then again, we're the type of people that show our ID's to the bouncers on our way in the bar, and don't have a reason to interact with them after that (isn't that how it should be?) —NeilZimmerman