Brighton Hots

Former Location
2602 Elmwood Ave, Brighton NY 14618 at Twelve Corners

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2009-02-14 17:46:17   WORST customer service. Food quality hit or miss at best. Perfect example, had decent takeout on Monday, ordered same dish today, absolutely awful. Called restaurant and they said a manager would have to call me right back. Waited 20 min and then brought food back in person only to be told NOTHING could be done about it. No offer to make a new order or give me a refund as I requested. They told me no one there was authorized to do this on a Saturday night. They didn't even know the full name of their absent manager or when she would be making her next appearance at the restaurant, just a vague "she usually is here in the mornings." Amazing that in this troubled economy, where customer service can make or break a restaurant, they would be so willing to throw their customers away. —WendiWeb

2009-02-27 08:42:22   I see Aja Noodle has a new restaurant in Fairport: 42 Perinton Hills, 377-7000; I believe that's across Rt 31 from the Wegman's at the corner of Rt 250 & Rt 31. I'm going to give it a first try today with my wife, but I like their 12-corners food so I have high expectations. I should also mention I'm vegan and find I can get better vegan food at Aja than at most places. —MikeRudnick

2009-02-27 13:43:03   After eating at Aja's Fairport site (42 Perinton Hills, 377-7000), I'm happy to report it was a uniformly good experience. It's smaller than Aja's 12-corners site, but has the same menu. Service was suburb.

I was astounded to learn they've been at this location for about two years! Guess I hadn't noticed them because they're back a ways from the street.

In any case, I heartily recommend you give it a try. —MikeRudnick

2009-06-08 15:30:54   Stopped in for lunch about 4 weeks ago at the Perinton store - never again!!! The place was so filthy I called the Monroe County Health Dept and requested an inspector investigate... —maureen7

2009-06-16 14:43:27   A [WWW]printable coupon for "buy 1 entree, get 1 free" is available on the D&C website. (Valid until 6/25/09) —AlexanderGartley

2010-02-28 20:19:20   I went back recently to give this place another shot. My dish (Thai Basil) tasted like it was made of salt. The food took forever to get to us even though the restaurant wasn't even close to being crowded. The service was horrible. Not only was our server inattentive (water glasses left empty, asked what we ordered 2-3x because she wasn't paying attention when we were ordering), she was downright rude when I asked for change when paying the bill. Also, I think she was the manager as well so I wasn't able to file a complaint. I have been there a few times in the last 3 months and the quality of the food has been on a steady decline. But usually the servers are polite. I draw the line at rude servers. I used to love this place when they first opened but it has gone downhill at an alarming rate. I am not going back. Why can't the Food Gods give Rochester a great noodle place?! —OneLove

2011-02-05 14:34:17   I went here with my wife and two kids this afternoon, for lunch. The server and service were fine. I enjoyed my Pad Thai, though my wife's dish tasted like there had been a sale on pepper. The portions for my meal and my son's Chinese Chicken Noodle soup were totally, insanely huge. His bowl was literally enough to feed four adults. Granted, we took the leftovers home, but those portion sizes are simply too much. —RichMulvey

2011-04-02 06:32:23   The food here (we eat at the 12 Corners location) is spotty: sometimes it's pretty good, other times it's one notch up from the packaged Asian meals you can buy at Wegs or BJ's. The menu definitely caters to a more bland palate for people who aren't adventuresome about un-American flavors. When I want a good noodle bowl, I prefer to go to King and I (love their Hot and Spicy Soup) or one of the Mings. —KatieSchmitz

2011-06-10 10:32:34   We enjoy their food - I would categorize it as fusion, affordable with a good atmosphere/. The Thai Coconut noodle soup and Thais Spicy Bail rice are our favorites. —DesignDreamz

2011-12-03 05:29:43   I haven't been to aja noodle for a while since my experience earlier this year was horrible.Decided to try it again but realize now that this is not the restaurant that it was a few years ago.Hardly any customers in for lunch and I know why.Service and food used to be consistent and now it seems like no one cares.Here is a company that doesn't deserve to be patronized. —jenna

2013-08-17 17:39:37   I’ve been to the Aja location at 12 Corners a number of times over the years. The food is always consistently good, not anything to write home about and probably not “authentic”, but I’ve certainly never had a meal there that I didn’t enjoy. (Note though that nothing on the menu marked as “spicy” is actually spicy. At least they have sriracha sauce.) Portions are generous but not ridiculously huge, and a good value for the price. Service is always good, too. The place is reliably quality all around. The food is also unfailingly served very fast, which is great if you’re looking for a quick meal, but definitely not if you want a romantic date night. The only real drawback to Aja is that it’s ALWAYS freezing in there — no matter whether it’s winter or summer. Last time I was there (yesterday evening) there was a perceptible wind chill from the AC vents, which protrude down from the massively high ceilings. But also last time I was there, I mentioned to the waitress how cold we were, and she actually temporarily switched off the AC – very nice of her. Overall: Great place for a quick and not-too-expensive Asian-style meal. But bring a sweater. Or five. —ajh