Max Sushi & Noodles

Former Location
350 Main St E, Rochester, NY 14604
CLOSED (as of July 2013)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

It had its grand opening on December 11, 2012.
It was closed by July 2013.


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2012-12-10 16:37:58   We went here last Thursday and it was not good. I know it was opening night but these were not opening night issues. The decor is not good - feels like an outdated shopping plaza that they tried to slightly modernize. The bathroom is through a few doors and down a hall and is shared with other space in the building. My husband and I split the spicy udon noodles - it was $15, which is as much as the best ramen place in NYC charges, and that has amazing pork belly in it! This had a few measly pieces of chicken in it with lots of udon noodles and a spicy broth. It was about a $10 dish. We then split the Sushi for 2 platter. It said it came with edamame and salad, which it did, but it was slightly misleading because it was more a garnish on the plate than anything. The chef came from Nikko, who has amazing sushi, but the sushi was NOT GOOD. One of my sashimi pieces was torn in half, all of it had a chemical taste, it did not taste fresh. This tasted like bad sushi from a mediocre location, not from what is supposed to be high end sushi, and the sushi chef was right there overseeing everything. The sushi at Nikko, Bonzai, and Shiki are all way better than Max Sushi. They need to fix something - bad atmosphere, bad sushi, high prices. Won't be going again anytime soon. —goldengirl217

2012-12-17 13:10:12   I totally disagree with the first comment. I’ve had plenty of sushi from all over Rochester and what Max had to offer was something completely different. Everything is organic and sustainable, so you know that you’re eating high quality ingredients. I had the Tria roll and the chicken teriyaki bowl. The roll was soooo good that I inhaled the whole thing! As for the teriyaki bowl, I wasn’t really expecting much from it, but it totally surprised me how much flavor they packed into the dish. The service also matched the food. The staff was friendly and fun and is always handy when you have any questions about the menu. Overall, I had a great time at Max sushi and noodle and will be returning as much as a I can. —CMonkey63

2012-12-18 02:10:05   Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, the decor is not much to speak of but the atmosphere was still very quaint and relaxing. The soft sense of house playing in the background gave it more of a contemporary feel for the restaurant, and the staff looked so young. Despite the fact that their decor wasn't the best Max Sushi provided a very different cuisine from what I was used to. The traditional style was twisted in a sense that made my taste buds run crazy. I see all these comments and I'm glad this place is getting the comments it deserves except for the first one. I would say I have to disagree, those places like Nikko, Bonzai, and Shiki will never have the same flavors and combinations as Max's will have, none of them are authentic in a sense for one, and to approach the fish in such a manner like they do would just be too ballsy because I don't think those restaurants have the imagination for it. Overall, if you're looking for something fresh, new, and exciting in Rochester, this place is where it's at. I heard they will also be doing catering on the side, can't wait to see what more they turn out in the future. —SatoshiHiromoto