Pasta Andiamo

Former Location
144 West Commercial Street, East Rochester NY, 14445-2160
CLOSED in Spring 2008

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.


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2006-07-13 07:25:44   I ate there last night. For the price, it was excellent. The family-owned nature of the place, and it's cozy size meant very good and personal service, and the food was also quite good—not spectacular, but great for a modest price. —JonPetruccelli

2006-08-15 16:48:42   We had dinner there this evening......Absolutely was very generous....service was great.......yes only 9 is not Portobella or some of the other Italian Restaurants but ingredients were fresh.....prices very reasonable......we brought our own wine.........sincerely hope other folks frequent this establishment —InvestorRochester

2006-09-29 13:00:15   They do accept credit cards now! and they are offering cooking classes..a different cuisine every month..I believe it is 100$ a month and they provide the ingredients. Call them for details. —OneLove

2006-12-07 13:24:57   Have been here several times, always pleased. The food is excellent, and very reasonable. I recommend the penne vodka or the chicken tortallini. Service is very good. —JohnBarry

2006-12-15 12:10:06   Great lunches and service. The very best soup ever at a restaurant —JohnPalmeri

2007-06-29 13:30:16   Wow. People need to check this place out to experience the REAL Mediterranean cuisine. Prices are amazing as well as the service.
Reservations suggested. —HarisSaracevic

2008-05-06 16:19:21   Interesting experience. The food was good, the service was very attentive, the portions were good.

But we were the only people in the restaurant and the family that owns it was from Eastern Europe. An Italian restaurant? Wasnt bad though, Id be back.

Very unassuming interior. —MrRochester

2008-09-23 14:42:56   Hi everybody, my name is Adil and I was the last owner of Pasta Andiamo. First I would like to thank everybody for wonderfull comments people left about my restaurant. Second, I have great news. I am planing to open up a new place that will serve breakfast, lunch and private parties sometime in November. Location is still pending, but I will post my new location and opening date as soon as it's definite. Again, thank you all. —adilculinovic