Jim's Restaurant Too

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Former Location
785 East Main Street, Rochester NY, 14605
Status (as of January 2015)
Closed due to fire

See Gone, but not forgotten

Reopened as Jim's on Main.


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2011-01-18 00:28:43   A group of use eat breakfast here almost every Thursday morning. You can't beat the 'Late Riser' special. 2 eggs, potatoes, meat, toast, coffee and juice for $3.95. The food is quite good and the service if just great. We hang out after and drink coffee for a couple of hours and no one minds.
Try the Blueberry pancakes. —HenriettaRob

2015-01-26 09:04:35   Walked over at 5AM on 1/26/2015 and the restaurant was closed. Sign on the door read that there was a recent fire. Said that it planned to re-open after renovations, but no time frame. —merumsal