JP's Authentic Sandwiches

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1802 Penfield Road, Penfield NY
CLOSED Date Unknown

Rare Roast Beef.jpgRare Roast Beef

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Italian Assorted.jpgItalian Assorted JP's California Wrap.jpgJP's California Wrap Royal Reuben.jpgRoyal Reuben


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2008-11-05 14:18:46   Sandwiches were pretty great. Did a nice job on the interior of the place. They have Zapps chips, my fave. I recommend a try. They need to advertise more, because the location is SO hidden. I drive by it everyday and forget that the place is there.—MrRochester

2008-11-12 13:32:58   Stopped here for lunch.. Had today's special which was California Wrap- it was good. Most sandwiches are $7+, except the daily special which is $5. One suggestion- if they played some background music it would significantly improve the atmosphere of the place. —DanielM

2008-11-18 14:49:51   Went here for lunch over the weekend. The sandwiches are ok, not too bad, but nothing too special. Their box lunch prices are pretty decent, but some of the individual sandwiches are a little pricey. The soup was not very good, so beware. All in all, not a bad place for a quick bite. —KatyHanson

2009-01-21 21:12:43   According to an article in the City News, they have closed. The owners are looking at other locations where the deli would have more visibility. According to the article the Park Avenue area is a consideration. —ScottHendler

2009-01-21 22:36:24   What makes their sandwiches authentic? Something those the counterfeit sandwich places don't offer? —ThomasPawlik