Lac De Ville Wine & Liquor

Former Location
1900 Clinton Ave S, Rochester NY 14618 in Tops Brighton Plaza

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.

Lac De Ville Wine & Liquor was a liquor store in Brighton in the Tops Brighton Plaza.


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2013-06-01 16:07:28   best place I have gone to. those workers were super nice. prices are cheap and not like other stores the greet you and say bye. their slections of things are awesome. —simontea

2013-06-07 21:19:26   best you should go their. cheap. their is cameras

2013-06-08 13:31:45   best place you can go

2014-05-01 09:02:41   No longer at Tops Brighton Plaza. New store there is now Liberty Wine & Liquor. GBNF? —jgerek