Former Location
1925 South Avenue- Suite 1, Rochester, NY 14620
CLOSED as of August 2007

See Gone, but Not Forgotten.


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2005-10-16 19:27:14   Has anyone used them? Do they deal with mixed lots, or boxes of stuff that they appraise and auction off? —FarMcKon

2009-05-04 11:07:03   It is nice to see we are not completely forgotten. I miss the people and the business very much. When we started the business we were interested in growing it to a grand scale. At the time of closing we were the largest and most well know internet action site in rochester. The problem as so many similar operations was the economies of scale, it made it impractical to stay a float. We were handling too many unprofitable items in the hope of growing the customer base. In fact we should have been much more selective of the items we took on. Better to handle fewer items at better prices. It would have meant fewer customers and possibly a few unhappy people who would not have understood why we would turn their items away. I think it is still a viable business if done differently. If anyone would like to talk about it let me know. Dave Bardwell : Clutter To Cash Founder davelbardwell@yahoo.comDaveBardwell