Furniture Fair

Former Location
1300 Miracle Mile Drive, Rochester, NY 14623
CLOSED as of 2009

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2007-05-24 12:21:39   I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and selection at Furniture Fair. Lots of La-Z-Boy and England brand living room furniture. Lots of American-made solid wood furniture too (from Crawford of Jamestown, NY). —NathanHenderson

2007-05-24 16:43:58   Jamestown's Crawford furniture is AMAZING!!! My family is from Jamestown and I just love the quality! —PeteB

2008-01-17 15:09:52   Rudest salesperson on the planet. In less than 30 seconds told us we couldn't buy a solid wood table for $100, to which I replied "$100 isn't our budget" and walked out. Absolutely insulting. I hope they go out of business. —PersonFace

2009-04-21 22:11:34   Awesome selection of furniture, great people, ended up buying a whole set of lazboy furniture for a great price...and i shopped everyone! killer


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