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2833 West Ridge Road, Greece NY, 14626 [Directions]
Status (as of November 2016)

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2006-11-08 20:51:03   I booked Laser Quest for an after hours work event. 25 people attended. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves. The number of people allowed to play a game at one time is roughly 30 people. We were able to play 3 games. Each game was about 20 minutes long. The first game was everyone out for themselves. For the second game we were split into 2 teams. The final game was the same 2 teams but each team also had to defend a base. At the end of each game you can view the scores everyone received on a televised scoreboard. Each participant also gets a printout detailing their score along the amount of times they tagged someone and how many times someone tagged them. In between each round you can play arcade games. There are two rooms set up with tables and chairs for parties. Laser Quest does not serve food but they have an agreement with a local pizza place. The staff was very helpful. I would recommend this for a birthday party or a fun team building exercise. A helpful hint — Where dark clothes because it is harder to be seen but do not wear heavy clothes. It is very warm in the arena. —ScottHendler

2007-05-14 18:55:06   I'm terrible at laser tag but I always have a good time when I go. We've done several church youth group outings here and everyone seems to have a great time. The arena is constructed very well; there aren't really any good places to snipe from, so you have to keep moving! —AdrienneDahler