Rene's Cafe

Former Location
617 Whitney Rd, Fairport, NY 14450

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Closed in 2015.


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2010-02-23 13:58:57   Ate there for lunch today for my first time. I ordered my go to "test" sandwich which is the corned beef ruben. Its not easy to make a good ruben. They for sure passed. The sandwich was piled high with lean corned beef and the rye bread was thick and not soggy. Meal came out in minutes after me ordering it. Service was attentive. Prices quite reasonable. —selfclaimedcritic

2010-06-02 12:36:15   We love it here, and the Dutch decor is whimsical. The food has always been spectacular here, I really love the seven layer breakfast and the breakfast burrito. The pancakes are perfect! The only issue I have is that they really crammed in too many tables, once you are in your seat, YOU ARE IN YOUR SEAT, and not leaving until a few tables between you and the door clear out. —LisaRuns

2010-10-10 12:12:08   Went here for the first time with husband and toddler. Food was fresh and delicious. Service was friendly and attentive. Coffee was strong and the waitress "kept it coming". All the food was made "from scratch". A brief glimpse at the kitchen showed us that it was gleaming and clean. —RocDoc

2010-10-30 14:13:54   Went for breakfast/lunch for the first time today. I got the cafe poached eggs. Poached eggs were perfectly cooked! Not too runny, not too hard, but that perfect consistency. I just had to give them credit for that because it's so rare to find. —DanetteFitzgerald

2016-01-03 00:49:28   Found out they recently closed. No doubt the best french toast in the area. Now will have to search the eastside to find an equal replacement, won't be an easy task.