Music Lovers

Former Location
closed store on Monroe Avenue in 2009 - Internet business also shut down
CLOSED- Date Unknown

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2008-05-20 16:55:29   Music Lovers no longer remotely resembles the great old Music Lovers Shoppe. Back when it was at Monroe Ave. and Clover, it was a big beautiful music store with a huge variety of inventory. It was one of those rare old music stores where one could browse and where there were several knowledgable salesmen on hand if needed. Since then, it has moved twice and now is just a house with a relatively small inventory of musical equipment for sale. It's just another tiny music store now, where browsing is uncomfortable because it's so small and there's always some kid clerk two feet away, staring at you. You'll want to either buy something quick or get out, but there's nothing there that you want, but "we can order it for you." Yeah, so can I. —JohnBeyer

2008-08-21 13:13:11   There does appear to be a ramp at the back, but I did not check to see if it has access to the store. —EugeneCain

2008-09-08 15:29:53   They have certaintly gone way downhill since John owned it. it used to be a powerhouse of a music store where finding what you needed took a few minutes at most, and there was always someone knowledgable to help you. Now you're lucky if you find something in under 20 minutes...if they even have it at all, which most of the time they don't. Everytime I go in there, there is only 1 person running the whole store, and they usually don't know much about anything. Not to mention the kids they hire are just plain rude. I think my days of shopping at Music Lovers has come to an end. —MariaJames

2008-12-15 11:47:34   Hi there. My name is Jay Lang, I am the new Store Manager and one of the owners here at Music Lovers. I became involved with the store in January of 2008. Since then, we have been slowly narrowing down our inventory to what is most frequently needed or inquired about. Unfortunately, that takes a bit of time to do. However, we are working hard to make this a great store again. Despite our smaller location, which has a ramp in the back, times in Rochester, have changed and we have found that most of the older inventory, remains unsold. Hense, Clearance Sales. Having read the reviews of the past year or 2 recently, I see some concerns of customers, both present and former. While we may not have an endless supply of sheet music or giant store of musical instruments, I do my best to keep in stock what people ask for and need on a regular basis. As we do not sell Pianos or Drums anymore, there is no need for a huge store. As for the poor customer service of the past, those days and those employees are gone. Besides Sundays, I am indeed the only one here and should be able to take care of all of your needs. I have been doing my best to learn about products to better help customers and I certainly do not hover or ignor customers. I am here to serve you and make your experience here at Music Lovers a good one. As far as ordering products, we have finally found a reputable vendor to speed up the ordering process in a more accurate fashion as well. Generally, an order should take 4-7 days, with the occasional back order taking a week or 2 more. We do have a myspace website now, This will include Sale Items, Store Hours and any news or info to make your shopping experience a great one. I hope to see more of you over the next year. As I learn the ropes, I promise to make this a great store!! Thanks, Jay Lang Music Lovers. —JayLang

2009-04-15 23:00:28   the hell with them. I went there last month to buy some sax reeds during business hours-it was around one, I think, and nobody was freaking there. I triple checked with the store hours on the front of the building and they should have been open. Knock knock. Lights were off and the place was empty. I went out of my way to give them some business, and had to drive back down Monroe Ave to Central Music or whatever it's called now. —mooster42000