Legends Sports Bar & Grille

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Former Location
120 East Main Street, Rochester NY, 14604 [Directions]

see Gone, but not forgotten


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2009-11-09 18:11:10   This place is now called Legends. We had a coupon from restaurants.com. After being seated, it was about 4-5 minutes before our drink order was taken. The restaurant had probably 5-6 front of house employees from what I could see, and there were only about 3-4 other tables in use, so this was a discouraging wait time. Our appetizer, bacon and cheddar fries, was EXTREMELY disappointing. The bacon all fell to the bottom, the cheese wasn't spread out well, and best of all....all the shredded cheese wasn't even melted. The service and the food improved as the meal progressed. Bottom line, because of it's area its way overpriced, and I wouldn't recommend it unless you had a coupon. —mbetush