Cappuccino Italiano Cafe


Capp Ital.jpgPREVIOUS LOCATION on Park Ave 3-2008

Former Location
145 N Main St, Fairport, NY 14450
CLOSED (as of 6/15/2010)

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2008-03-02 19:16:17   We (five of us) had dinner at Capachino's on Friday night. Wow! I had the spinach ravioli with Gorgonzola sauce. The calamari was the best I have ever had — so tender and flavorful. I tasted the linguini with white clam sauce and one other dish — these little purses of porky goodness — The wine was Two Tone Cabernet. I had never had it and wasn't familiar with the winery. It was smooth and lovely. The desert was ok — we had the berry tart. I would probably have a second appetizer and skip the dessert. It was ok, but as we say in weight watchers, "Not worth the points." —ClareDygert

2008-03-24 12:34:03   Great fresh food and very affordable. Not a huge selection of anything on the menu, but its a cafe! I miss Sapore restaurant from years ago in the location, but this makes a nice substitute. —MrRochester

2008-04-26 08:46:30   Went last night. There is a sign in the window; moving to Fairport. The waiter told me that will happen in June. —ScottHendler

2008-08-13 15:04:30  We recently obtained our license and are now offering wine and beer. Open for dinner in Fairport at 145 North Main Street. We are open for business. Please stop by or make a reservation. 585-377-0940 —MetalFrost

2008-09-12 22:26:07   Food was great but wait was over 1 hour and 45 minutes for our food. I asked for olive oil and garlic instead of red sauce with the pasta that went with my meal and I was chared $5.95 for the substitution - unfortunately the waiter didn't let me know there was an additional charge for the substitution or I would have omitted the pasta. I guess that for the time and additional charge I would not recommend this restaurant, or return, which is unfortunate because I do believe that we need great little bistros in our area. Sorry for the negative review but I do feel like I was ripped off. Perhaps a little time could be spent attending to customer satisfaction - a little goes a long way. —jandougherty

2009-04-28 15:57:26   Our party of 7 enjoyed a delicious and leisurely paced meal with a very attentive wait person. Our calamari was perfect prepared — tender, with equal portions of tentacles and rings (and a rich marinara dipping sauce—mmmm). We also had an antipasto platter (which I don't believe was on the menu, but was prepared for us) with quality meats and cheeses. My linguine with white clam sauce was superb —the white wine and garlic stood out, yet didn't overpower. The desserts, while imported from Italy, are frozen and the only thing that I cannot rave about. I have only had wonderful dinners at Cappuccino Italiano (Park Ave and now in Fairport) and consider it a hidden gem that deserves more notice. —LizDee

2010-06-19 16:51:33   Closed as of 6-15-10 —selfclaimedcritic