Cole & Parks

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Former Location
607 Rowley Road, Victor, NY 14564 [Directions]
Status (as of March 2017)

See Gone, but not forgotten

They closed March 3, 2017.


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2007-02-03 17:35:05   This place is desperate for you to love them and turn them into a franchise. The coffee and assorted food stuffs are decent, but if you are in the mood for corporate soullessness, I'd recommend Panera. At least they keep you warm and provide some outlets to plug into (primarily covered at C&P) —EternalStudent

2008-10-27 10:08:50   Cole and Parks has great sandwiches and the interior is clean and comfortable. Really great soups. I def recommend a try. —MrRochester

2017-02-25 16:00:09   Will be closing in March to make way for a Royal Car washscotthendler