Royal Car Wash

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Locations Phone
2875 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY, 14618 [Directions] 585 270 4908
619 Jefferson Road, Henrietta NY, 14623 585 319 5888
2376 West Ridge Road, Rochester NY, 14626 585 563 6492
1365 East Ridge Road, Rochester NY, 14621 585 471 5371
607 Rowley Road, Victor NY, 14564 585 271 1111
Hours (as of July 2011)
Monday - Friday: 7:00AM to 9:30PM
Saturday: 8:00AM to 9:30PM
Saturday: 8:00AM to 8:00PM
Wheelchair Accessible
<info AT theroyalwash DOT com>

Royal Car Wash is a "Hometown" Car Wash owned and operated by the Daniele Family who also owned Bazil, Mario's, and Mario's Homemade Pasta Kitchen restaurants. The building is located at the corner of Clover Street and Monroe Avenue across from Monroe Clover Plaza. Opened July 15, 2011. A second location opened on Jefferson Road across from MarketPlace Square on December 28, 2013. A third location opened in Greece in April 2015. A fourth location opened in Irondequoit in 2017. A Fifth location opened September 2018 in Victor at the former Cole & Parks location. A sixth location is planned for Webster. There are also 3 locations in Buffalo.


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2011-10-12 01:05:01   I got a coupon for a free wash at the new Royal Car Wash so I went for the first time this afternoon. It's a nice brand new building and according to their website: "The Royal Car Wash is the most eco-friendly water saving car wash in Rochester". It appears to be mostly automated with an ATM-like Kiosk that accepts cash and credit cards for the various wash options (there are a couple of employees who spray off the car and offer assistance at the entry kiosk). The wash did a nice job on my truck, and it seemed to be as clean if not cleaner than after a D.S. wash. I am happy with the quality of the wash; however, I do have 2 small gripes: 1) There was no one to dry the car at the end of the wash, and there was some soapy water left on my driver's window (could be due to my rain guards over the windows), which dried and left some "filmy" streaks that I had to wash off later. 2) The spinning brushes spun so fast, that they partially folded my passenger side mirror. This is not a huge deal, but I did not notice it until I tried to change lanes after leaving the car wash. I had to pull into a parking lot to push it back. Again, not a big deal, but it is dangerous to not have a mirror available in the busy Monroe Avenue traffic. Both these items could have been avoided if there was someone to dry the car (or at least wipe the windows/mirrors). Overall I would rate it a 6 out of 10. I would rate it higher if it were not for the 2 items above - maybe even 9 out of 10! I'm going back for my 5 day guarantee, and will post again if anything is changed. —NoBS

2011-10-28 13:23:26   Not only did they scratch my 1 month old 2012 Volvo S80 in there, but they didn't take the liability for it. Now, I need to take them to small claims court. I would avoid that car wash at all cost! The customer service is horrible too - they have some attitude over there. —Mike777

2011-12-08 19:52:07   The Royal Car Wash is awesome! It is easy to get in and out of, affordable (no tipping neccessary!), and my car always comes out squeaky clean! I'm going to get my boyfriend a monthly pass for Christmas because I like it so much! —HeatherOh

2013-12-25 10:48:42   They do a better job and are cheaper than Laserwashs in Henrietta and Brighton. —scotthendler