Thai Taste

Former Location
1675 Mount Hope Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
CLOSED (as of August 2013)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

It was closed as of August 2013 and a second location of SEA Restaurant took its place.

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2008-03-01 17:51:49   We ordered the calamari on Friday night, which was excellent. The Thai iced coffee is a nice contrast of bitter and sweet and pairs well with most meals. The deserts (there are two from which you can choose) were decent, but that was because of the sweet rice, not the custard or mango. —DaveMahon

2008-04-29 20:41:40   This is a very good restaurant. I recommend the crispy duck dishes. —ThomasPawlik

2008-08-02 19:48:18   The best Thai in town. The chicken basil noodle is fantastic and the mango and sticky rice is sweet and delicious. The staff is friendly and helpful- food comes fast and is fresh and hot. I have been to Thailand and the food is the most authentic I've found in Rochester. —ShawnaLusk

2008-09-30 23:21:55   Have eaten Thai food with Thai family. Food at this restaurant - Thai Taste - is not authentic. Chinese owner. —JenFromDC

2008-10-09 18:24:04   Since when is the ethnic origin of a restaurant owner reflective of authenticity of the food? Thailand is diverse in its cuisine - it all depends on which part one is from. My Thai friend thinks this food is close to what her mum makes ( close as one can get in Rochester.) —OneLove

2008-11-01 20:31:27   I'm sorry you took my comment the wrong way, OneLove. There is no correlation between the ETHNICITY of an owner and the AUTHENTICITY of the food. There IS though a correlation between if the owner was raised on Thai food by a Thai family and the authenticity of the food. There is a huge difference when either myself, or any of my Asian or European friends make Thai food from a recipe book and when a Thai friend makes it from his experience growing up with his/her family.

Simply stated, the Thai food at this restaurant was more similar to that from an Americanized recipe book. —JenFromDC

2008-11-14 21:05:48   I can't comment on its authenticity, though I've certainly had my share of Thai food in American restaurants and this ranks right up there. I've never had a bad experience—its fast, cheap, and tasty! —JMP

2008-12-06 21:43:46   Every time I order with special directions, they get it wrong, or they ignore it. I ask to make it extra spicy, and it is bland, not spicy at all, and greasy. The food here seems to be BLAND. VERY bland. For what you get (quantity & taste), it is too expensive. They don't put enough sauce or something, it is just noodles dripped in oil, it needs more taste and less oil. I've been to many Thai restaurants before and from the decor and odor of the restaurant to the quality of taste of food, this place is pretty awful. —MizLee

2008-12-17 19:21:13   In my opinion the best Thai food in town. Having been to Thailand and eaten my way through the country from top to bottom, this is closest to what I had there. So the decor isn't elegant- who cares?? —ShawnaLusk

2009-08-15 18:10:45   Pretty cheap and pretty decent food. The service has always been kind and efficient. It's not very spicy though... Funny thing is, this place always seems deserted! —Kyara

2010-06-22 23:41:35   Almost 2 years later, this remains a staple for cheap and delicious Thai food! I have never had bad service here. I recommend the avocado curry shrimp or the chicken basil noodle..or the spicy chicken...they are all very good! —OneLove

2010-08-21 17:54:55   I eat here so much, the owner probably thinks I don't know how to cook! My favorite dish is the Pad Prik King. The staff here is always friendly and prompt. There is very little ambiance or fancy decor, but don't be off-put by it, the food is very good. (and just to clear up an inaccuracy posted by someone who is misinformed, Thai Taste is indeed owned by a Thai family, one member of which is from Hong Kong.) —MichaelAvery

2011-07-15 02:15:36   NOT good. My clay pot chicken tasted canned. —jberna

2013-08-20 11:38:58   Tried to go last night - apparently closed. Now another branch of SEA Restaurant. —mwspear