Urban Village Scooters

Former Location
700 S Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
CLOSED (as of July 2010)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.

Urban Village Scooters was located on South Clinton Avenue, and was the only dealer in the city that is devoted exclusively to scooters. Owner was the winner of the South Wedge Planning Committee Business Plan Contest.


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2009-04-29 19:46:55   I bought a Genuine Scooter Company Roughhouse 50cc a month ago from this place after tiring of my four-door car. The place is great. The owner is really nice and helpful, as is the mechanic. They have a good albeit small inventory of riding jackets and helmets. On the Genuine Scooter Co. website there's a press article where the president of the company says the company doesn't need a federal bailout. That's pretty indicative of the scooter industry, and this nice little shop. The owner is also internet savvy, as he recommended that I peruse modernbuddy.com, of which he's also a member. I did my research there before I enthusiastically plunked my money down for a new scooter.

I want to see the scooter presence expand in Rochester. So check this shop out. :) —Bammerburn

2010-07-18 09:36:45   Today's D&C article indicated that the business will be open until the end of the month. See [WWW]Last ride for scooter shopDawnTucker