Conesus Inn


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Former Location
5654 E Lake Rd, Conesus, NY 14435

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2009-11-17 02:20:37   Forget Red Osier, the Conesus Inn is where you want to go for the best prime rib (somewhat) near Rochester. *drool* —NathanHenderson

2010-02-14 12:09:52   We have been several times and consider the Prime Rib to be the best we have ever eaten - and huge portions. We have taken out-of-town visitors and they have come away astounded - "when you said it was going to be good, we had no idea you meant the best prime rib ever". —BradMandell

2011-07-25 11:59:23   Haven't been in a few years so we decided to take our son and his girlfriend there for his birthday. The food is not the same. That melt in your mouth prime rib flavor is gone. The au jus was from a package we could all taste the preservatives in it. Salad and sides are now $2.50 each. And the cost.....if you go take out a second mortage. The crab & rib combo was $55. Definitely not worth the money. We've been going there since the 70's and it's sad to say this but....we won't be back. —SueZee

2012-06-30 11:13:39   Went here for the first time for dinner. My fiance had the seafood bisque to start. It was good, but a little thick for my tastes. Not as silky as the bisque at Remington's (still the best seafood bisque in Rochester). We both had prime rib for dinner; I had the princess cut and my fiance had the queen cut. The prime rib was very very well seasoned and roasted perfectly. The au jus was delicious and both cuts of beef were literally swimming in it on the plate. We enjoyed the prime rib more than other places in the area (Red Osier's restaurant, among others). We will definitely be back again. —mercdotes

2013-05-19 21:04:27   According to today's D&C (p. 2 of the RocNext section) the Inn did not open this spring, and is listed for sale. —markjackson

2014-07-22 11:38:46   Phone disconnected, website gone, media reports that it has not been open since 2012 and is for sale - GBNF? —jgerek