Brookwood Inn

Former Location
800 Pittsford-Victor Road, Pittsford NY, 14534

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

The building is being turned into a Hilton Garden Inn


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2009-12-03 08:36:16   STAY AWAY — The worst experience.

My wife won a free night at the Brookwood and it was about to expire. We decided to take my son for his 9th birthday, We upgraded to the Oriental suite( an additional $115). We checked in and proceeded to the "terrace" level (basement). The first thing you notice getting off the elevator, lights out in the hallway and a musty smell (basement). We proceeded down the hallway and notice the wallpaper peeling off the walls. We proceed to the room and first glance it seemed nice.

The kitchenette seems be nice — but no plates or utensils not even a wine glass?
Once again notice more wallpaper peeling... My wife and I decide the room is not worth the additional money so maybe they can give us another suite.

I proceed to talk to the manager who I ask if there is a another suite open - yes for an additional 250 — ask if he can work with me— Receive a flat out no( I would have paid additional money but he would rather have an empty suite I guess). At this point I ask to see a normal room he gives a key for another room on T-level — its damp dark and worn. We decide to keep the oriental suite. I ask for some dishes - oh housekeeping is not working tonight (Saturday) you should just order room service? What is the point of having a kitchen?
We go back unpack and enjoy the pool which was ok. We decide to go out to dinner not at the hotel ( good choice, I have since heard how it use to be good and has gone down hill)

We come back to the room and notice a steady running water( Chinese water torture) in the wall, it continues, after an hour of this we call the front desk to tell them — "They will look into it" They never call us back. The water runs the entire night — at 2 am I ask my wife and son if they would like to leave because it is so loud it is keeping us up — my son gets upset so we decide to stick it out.

There were many other minor things wrong with this $250 room but the list is to long.

The next morning I write up a list of complaints go over it with the person at the front desk and tell them I expect a call from the manager. Two weeks later and a call to talk to the manager (not available ) we have heard nothing. —TimHowes