Bushnell's Basin

Along Route 96 (Pittsford-Victor Rd) and the Erie Canal, bordering Pittsford.
Not formally defined, but generally centered on the Marsh Rd/Route 96 intersection.
Neighborhood Association

Bushnell's Basin is a [wikipedia]hamlet within the Town of Perinton1 that includes a revitalized canal landing. This pleasant historic destination has recently hosted several new projects enhancing its location and aesthetic appeal. It is the home of the volunteer [WWW]Bushnell's Basin Fire Department (BBFD), which is situated in the center of the Basin and completed a new state-of-the-art facility in 2006.

There are several neighborhoods surrounding the Basin, which are almost evenly split between Fairport and Pittsford mailing addresses, so few recognize that they are actually in Perinton. The surrounding residents enjoy close proximity to a Hitching Post Plaza, Rite Aid drug store (formerly Eckerd's), a wide array of eateries (see below), gas stations (Mobil and the newly-constructed Hess), a playground/park with lit up tennis courts ([WWW]Kreag Road Park), and mostly everything you need in a green-grassed, picket-fenced, surburban life.

Many residents enjoy a walk on the canal with an Abbott's in tow, or a trip to the Tennis Club of Rochester to watch the anticipated District Tournaments each summer. Bicyclists along the canal stop off to use the restrooms and get snacks and drinks at the eating establishments and gas stations.

The basin was home to Burgundy Basin banquet facility and caterer for over 60 years. Richardson's Canal House occupies an historic site2 and has operated as a restaurant since 1979.

The quaint basin is not far from the Perinton Wegmans, Powder Mills Park, Eastview Mall, or Interstate 490; perhaps these are all factors in the nearly unbearable rush hour traffic de facto forbidding all left-hand turns.

Business in the Basin

Take a walk down Route 96 in Bushnell's Basin on [WWW]Google Street View Maps


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2005-07-22 10:53:13   "green-grassed, picket-fenced, surburban life" - yuck! :) —FarMcKon

2005-07-22 16:00:50   Don't forget the endless entertainment watching people who intentionally ignore or fail to comprehend "RIGHT TURN ONLY". :-) —RyanTucker