Richardson's Canal House

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1474 Marsh Road, Pittsford NY, 14534 [Directions]
Hours (as of December 2020)
Closed until Spring due to coronavirus-related restrictions
585 248 5000
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Richardson's Canal House is a restaurant along the canal in Bushnell's Basin housed in an historic building built in 1818. Signage says: "Richardson Tavern—Beside old Erie Towpath at Hartwell's, now Bushnell's Basin, near the Great Embankment—western canal terminal, 1821-1823, shipping port until after 1850".

The building started as a tavern and subsequently became a public home, a hotel, a home for a nudist group, and a private home before being abandoned in the 1960's. The owners bought and restored the building prior to opening it as Richardson's Canal House in 1979. The building is now on the [WWW]National Register of Historic Places.

On the website, Richardson's is described as a restaurant

See their website for history, sample menus, a photo gallery, and information about private parties and special events. The actual menus change daily, reservations are recommended, and outdoor seating may be available depending on the season.

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2007-03-22 12:09:12   I went here for BenMargolis's graduation a couple years ago and will be returning for my graduation this May. It is a beautiful restaurant with great service and great food. The menu is innovative enough to keep people like Ben and myself happy but classic enough to appeal to our parents and grandparents who don't like their food to be too "creative". I'll write a more detailed review after I go back in May! —RachelBlumenthal

2007-03-22 21:27:34   This is an upscale meat and potatoes restaurant, but the lamb dish and matching wine selection were memorable. the. It has an elegant, tranquil atmosphere with the erie canal runnnig next to it. It's comparable to Rooney's and The Clark House. —BenMargolis

2007-08-30 15:20:53   This is one of my parents favorite restaurants and I have dined there a multitude of times.

I used to enjoy my meals more there than I have recently. While the food was not terrible, it was not amazing like it used to be.

Dining canalside in the summer cannot be beat though, even if the food is only ok. —MrRochester

2008-10-03 14:27:19   My boyfriend and I eat out quite often, and this is our favorite place in town. The food is always so good, and the service always professional and friendly. —AthenaStephanopolous

2008-10-10 15:42:56   I had a wonderful canal-side lunch date here one time with my husband, who was a friend at the time. Lovely seafood chowder, impeccable outdoor service, everything nicely appointed. I recommend the outdoor venue in late spring or early autumn. —MariahBetz

2011-02-15 10:31:40   Went here for a Valentine's dinner. They were only offering a price fixe menu since it was near Valentine's Day. My wife and I weren't expecting that and were not interested in paying $60 per person. When we told the waiter that we would like to share the price fixe menu (only ordering for one person), the waiter gave us a disappointed look, but said it was ok. He definitely made us feel guilty for that. We jumbo shrimp cocktail which was nothing more than three pieces of jumbo shrimp on a pile or ordinary cocktail sauce. We then had the Caesar salad which was not much better than what you can get a Wendy's. We then had scallops which were ok, but tasted like something out of a beginner's cook book. And then we a creme brulee for dessert which was again, just ok. We were so glad that we didn't each order the price fixe. It would have been too much food and it wasn't that good. This place needs to do a better job of being upscale for the price they are charging. The food was nowhere near upscale. Over-priced, sub-par service, and so-so tasting food. Not worth the price. —ytbh

2011-07-10 12:36:46   Took my parents here this weekend for their 50th Anniversary. Requested candles in the dessert when reservation was made and requested again to the hostess/host just prior to ordering dessert. Well, the candles were not on the dessert and when I expressed my disappointment to the host he looked @ me and plainly stated - "you can see how busy we are here" and offered another dessert, which I declined since we'd already begun eating what was ordered. The hostess brought a dessert anyway and apologized plus the waiter offered to comp the desserts due to the error. When the host found out of the waiter's offer he promptly told him to retract the offer and that we must pay for dessert. I thought this very rude and upon leaving found out that these were the owners. Good food, staff and atomosphere, but badly mannered host. —MHEckert

2012-06-10 03:00:17   Had a dinner here last weekend on Saturday with my parents and my fiancĂ©e's parents. The canal was very nice, there's no groups walk in and out like you would get near Pittsford or Fairport on the other side of the canal. The service was topnotch professional. The food was excellent, though I think they could make some more creative menu items. Their appetizer menu in particular is unoriginal, and since a lot of people I know don't like seafood very very limited. But what they do serve is very good and semi-seasonal. I'll even give them extra points for serving at least 2 NYS Finger Lakes wines. I did meet with the owner for a bit outside near the canal, and he was very nice. —Damiankumor

2016-11-28 16:20:25   Wonderful classic American dining right on the canal. There are so many little rooms and spots to eat other than the main room. It reminds me of the old Spring House. —Cretinx

2016-11-30 10:29:11   Went here about a year ago for a wedding rehearsal dinner. First time I've been in a LONG time. I don't remember how it used to be. But the dinner was great and the outdoor seating cannot be beat. —DE