Tazza Bistro

Former Location
3208 Latta Road, Rochester NY, 14604
CLOSED (as of 2010)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2007-02-11 08:34:39   Nice place, good wi-fi, yummy panini sandwiches - owner has been there whenever I've been there - friendly counter staff too —TomKaminski

2007-02-12 10:06:15   Is it appropriate that this restaurant is listed in "upscale restaurants"? I think having a counter disqualifies it. I noticed the D&C article is from the "cheap eats" section as well. I hesitate to remove it from the list myself, as I have never been to Tazza, but maybe someone who has can either justify Tazza's upscale classification or move it to a different section. —EastSideStephen

2007-02-13 08:01:27   Probably should be a cafe - serves coffee themed drinks and panini sandwiches...MOVED —TomKaminski

2008-01-17 15:43:43   Excellent food with excellent prices. Great staff, quick turn-around.

You really need to check this place out. —BrianButton

2008-08-18 10:00:54   Ate there on a date with my wife last night. A good place to have a healthy, and VERY tasty, meal. Very good food, appropriately priced, and very good service. We had trouble with the service a couple of years ago when they were just opening, but it was great tonight. We're delighted to have returned. The salads are particularly good. Canoli are filled on demand, making them crisp and delicious. Recommended. —TonyP

2009-03-01 14:35:53   I am from italy i went in this amazing place very good servers nice girls but i saw the boss yelling at one and i felt very bad. the food was okay not too good! ciao! —DavidFoxVe