Namaste Indian Cuisine

Former Location
3131 West Henrietta Road, Rochester NY 14623
CLOSED Indefinitely, due to fire on October 8 2008

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.

On October 8, 2008 a fire seriously damaged the restaurant and two apartments in the same building. Per Henrietta Fire District Chief Jim Comstock, the kitchen was extensively damaged and the restaurant will be closed "indefinitely." 1


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2008-08-02 19:33:03   Really good buffet, both dosas and naan brought to the table which was a nice surprise. Service was very fast and attentive. I'd go again! —ShawnaLusk

2008-08-05 14:10:42   Just had lunch here a couple of hours ago. The buffet selection was decent including several dishes with and without meat, really good rice, fried/battered veggies, green salad, and tandoori chicken not to forget the delicious dosas and naan were quite good served along side. The tea was good too, it came unsweetened (is this normal) so you could really taste the spices and tea. The desserts were exceptional in my opinion. Service was good but they seemed a little overwhelmed. The price ($7.99/per person) was a fair price for the food that was served and service that was received. Not a bad experience for a place that almost literally *just* opened, I wish them lots of luck. I had never been inside this place in its previous forms to know what it looked like, but the decor needs some serious help. It was plenty clean enough, just a little on the short side of ambiance. Wouldn't mind another visit in the future. —StephanieTodd

2008-08-05 17:08:54   Just as a response to StephanieTodd's comment, the restaurant used to be Mel's Diner. It was actually one or two other restaurants in between being Mel's and being Namaste, but for at least a few years it was Mel's. Anyway, it's formerly being a diner may explain the ambiance, to some degree anyway. —StevenDibelius

2008-08-06 17:04:08   Went for dinner last week. Good food but service was quite slow, probably 20 minutes for them to bring us menus and another 20 or so before they came to take our orders. But they're new, so they've got some time to improve. Portion sizes seemed a little underwhelming, but were plenty filling. —JoshGruenberg

2008-08-11 11:24:19   Went there last night. Cute wait staff. Very good quality of food. They kicked us out promptly at 9:30PM. At night, the ambiance was quite a bit better than described above, since it was slightly dimly lit. —EugeneCain

2008-08-12 15:53:02   I tried the lunch buffet here about a week ago. It had all of the standard buffet dishes, most of which were about average. The one exception was the saag paneer, which was definitely the best I've ever tried. The buffet also had sheekh kebab. I haven't seen this on too many buffets, so it was a nice addition. I also like how they serve naan and dosas to your table. With a buffet price of only about $8, it's worth checking out. —TomWise

2008-10-11 01:42:28   Too bad about the fire... I only ate there once for lunch... a small buffet, but the curry chicken was great! —McgMatt

2009-01-27 16:29:15   I went here back in August 2008 soon after it opened, and found the food very good. The jalfrezi was spiced perfectly and I enjoyed the overall experience. —EvanPeacock

2010-12-28 17:34:25   Update: The building has For Sale/Lease signs all over it. I doubt this business will ever reopen —PeteB