Auto Trader Magazine

Former Location
75 Bermar Pk, Rochester, NY 14624
Ste 3

Auto Trader Magazine appears to no longer exist as a paper publication.
This publication was formerly a newspaper mini-tabloid type format known as the Rochester "Swap Sheet," one of many similar publications.
[WWW]Auto Trader Magazine is now "only" a website where you can find items for sale, request them, or advertise.
The company has many other publications for newsstand and subscription at [WWW] which cover vehicle sales, and other items. Currently 14 publications, all or most are available in Rochester at major newsstands.
Included on the site is [WWW]Classic Cars which also used to be a printed magazine.
Many items for sale in Rochester are found in the online site as well as the appropriate publications.

===Their Publications List:=== (as of April 2010)
Aero Trader (Airplanes)
Boat Trader
Cycle Trader
Equipment Trader (Commercial equipment)
National RV Trader
Nor'Easter Magazine (Boats)
Passage Maker (Boats)
Payload (Vehicles and related equipment)
RV Trader
Sailboat Trader
Soundings (Boats and related equipment)
Commercial Truck Trader
Walnecks Classic Cycle
Yacht Trader

Current Magazine Covers and information about subscribing, on their [WWW]website

Web pages on the [WWW]Wayback Machine(Web.Archive.Org) are from 2000 to 2008


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