Annabelle's Closet

Former Location
808 S. Clinton Ave., Rochester NY, 14620
CLOSED as of April 2008

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2007-02-05 14:10:38   I'm not very well qualified to comment on women's shoes, but this is a classy store and Annabelle is a classy lady with a great sense of style. —EastSideStephen

2007-02-06 22:43:06   Annabelle's closet offers a wide variety of shoes and accessories. I went there in search of brown open toed work shoes and Annabelle took me around the entire store and helped me in making my final decision. She had a good range of shoes - from inexpensive shoes to brand name options, from unique and trendy to timeless and classic. Annabelle is constantly getting new things in, she makes it a point to go to trade shows and shop in NYC to find the latest trends. Her displays are always very well thought out for the season. —FattyFatFat

2008-04-12 16:16:01   There is a For Lease sign in their window. —MarcVera