McGraw's Irish Pub

Former Location
146 W Commercial St., East Rochester, NY 14445
CLOSED as of February 2014

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

They closed in February 2014.


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2012-08-19 10:10:38   We stopped in for quick dinner this past Friday about 7:45PM. My wife ordered the Shepherd's Pie, but was told that we were "too early" and that it was "not ready yet". That seemed unusual, but she changed and ordered a cheeseburger instead and I ordered the Irish Reuben. I sipped my Smithwick's expecting fast service for a couple hot sandwiches, especially since there were only 3 tables filled in the dining room. Well I sipped, and sipped, and started a second beer as it took 35 minutes to be served after ordering the sandwiches. When we got the food the cheeseburger was OK, nothing special, but my Irish Reuben was the best corned beef sandwich I have ever eaten. When we told the waitress she said the beef had just been cooked in-house and was as fresh as it can get. We would go back again, but with the understanding that we are not going to eat quickly. —jgerek

2014-03-12 16:37:27   Their FB page says they closed permanently in February 2014 - GBNF? —jgerek

2014-03-18 15:51:05   Missed the best day of the year. —Damiankumor