Shooters Sports Bar & Grill

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Former Location
1226 Fairport Rd, Fairport, NY 14450 [Directions]
Status (as of 2021)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2010-12-27 01:48:50   Typical sports bar. $5 pitchers of Rolling Rock is great. Good amount of TVs. Never had the food. Never had a problem getting a drink when the bar is packed. —DE

2011-07-01 10:37:16   Good place for drinks. Sometimes they have good specials. I was surprised to see such a short food menu. Food is medicore. —MetalFrost

2012-04-19 18:46:54   Pretty nice sports bar with lots of big screens but the food varies with the weather. So much that I've had to move on. Really wanted to like it but I need to like the food. I doubt anyone goes there for the food, though. —wdrazek