Pultneyville Grill

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former Location PultnevilleLandingB800.JPGDining Room Above, July 2009, BradMandell

PultnevilleLanding800.JPGViews the Harbor, July 2009, BradMandell
4135 Mill Street, Pultneyville NY, 14538 [Directions]

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2009-07-09 08:26:15   My wife and I stopped there yesterday with our two grandsons. The "upscale" did not prevent them from welcoming us for lunch. The older of the two, age 6, said we have to be adults, and they were - enjoying the white tablecloth, black cloth napkins, and fancy water glasses. It was their first time to try a White Hot, which they loved. My wife had the Turkey Club and I tried their Reuben - both were wonderful and the french fries were great. Great service, a warm welcome, a great view - we had a very nice time and the boys were very impressed !! —BradMandell

2010-07-17 15:27:42   What a delight! Went with a couple of girlfriends for a nice dinner out by the lake. Friendly service. A bit slow, but not "they're ignoring us" slow, more of a "fine dining, take your time" slow. Never felt rushed, but bread and apps could have come just a smidge sooner. Had the goat cheese & crostini app - delicious. I had the filet - excellent, but didn't care for the roaster red peppers and onions it was served with (I left off the mushrooms). Potatoes au gratin were were cheesy, but the cheese was a little sharp for my taste (I prefer a more traditional au gratin). One friend had the rib eye steak special with a potato souffle (very tasty) and my other friend had the tilapia with sweet potato fries. Both raved about their meals. No dessert this time as we were stuffed. This place is not as far as you think - and worth the drive. I'll be going back - there were many other entrees I wanted to order! —DGandDJ

2012-01-29 18:36:03   It pains me to write this review as it could cause a mass exodus to the restaurant which would cause difficulties getting a table when my wife and I return for many perfect meals in the future. This restaurant is the perfect get-away year round. The ambience, food, wine and service are, to put it simply; PERFECT! From the tableclothes and silverware to the dishes and the decor, simply perfect. The new owners have gone to great lengths to attend to every detail that makes a visit to their restaurant a very memorable one. My wife and I have been eating there for about two years and have enjoyed every single visit. We even driven our motorcycles there for a few meals during the seaon. Whether you're in motorcycle gear or in a suit and tie, they'll make you feel at home. As for the food, the Chef is absolutely on par with current trends and adds his own demension in many other areas of cuisine. I cannot say enough about this restaurant. Each and every time we visit for a meal, I find myself trying a different item on the menu, even going outside of my food comfort zone always to be surprised and amazed at my williingness to try something new and how successful my choice was since it was simply delicious. I could go on but suffice it to say, if you're looking for a place to go have a delicious meal, a great scenic ride in the country, go visit the Pultneyville Grill. Lake Ontario is really scenic year round. Try it, you'll really love it.