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Former Location
7979 Victor Pittsford Rd, Victor, NY 14564
Status (as of April 2013)
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See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2008-02-29 03:13:58   Better than food court mall food. Don't go on weekends too busy for them to keep up with normal tasks. I do like that they will replace the normal burger with a Boca patty for no additional charge which really opens up a vegetarians options (not many places do this). Locations on west coast were better. —EllaBeeney

2008-05-16 13:19:34   I have only tried the french fries, but they were bad. I guess it is better than a food court meal, but... —MrRochester

2008-12-18 12:33:43   I can't really speak for the Eastview location but I went to the Buffalo location and was horrified. Our waters were brought out and mine had shmears of greasy matter up near the rim and no ice. I didn't touch the glass but positioned it in such a way so that when our sweaty waiter (who kept putting his hands down the back of his pants) came back to our table, it would be glaringly obvious to him that he gave me a dirty glass. Nope. He was oblivious. We should have left at this point, but we stuck it out. I can't even remember the food because the service/greasy cup combo was such a stunner. I will never give Johnny Rockets another penny. —BatGuano