El Nopalito Mexican Restaurant

Former Location
1297 Chili Ave, Rochester, NY, 14624
CLOSED early May 2009

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.

El Nopalito Mexican Restaurant was a short-lived Mexican restaurant in Chili Hinchey Plaza on Chili Avenue in Gates. It opened in October 2008.


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2008-11-01 20:25:12   Just opened almost 3 weeks ago, in the strip mall just across from the Chili Ave exit off of 390 South. Had a great meal there and it's nice to have a small Mexican restaurant in Gates. Bonus points for not being a chain either! —LizzyBobio

2008-11-26 14:44:13   Not bad. I had the #11, 2 Enchiladas with Rice. I got one beef, and one chicken. Also a side beef taco. The Taco wasn't bad, very mild flavor. The sauce the enchiladas was covered in had decent flavor, but seemed overly salty. The rice was OK. Very fast service, and the Chips/salsa were complimentary. I will definitely go back and try something else. —WilliamBorrelli

2008-12-22 12:54:40   This place is tough to find at night (especially if you're not from that side of town). Its sign is one of those makeshift paper signs. The interior looks like a typical diner. That being said, the food is great. The food is very reminiscent of San Jose Mexican Restaurant that used to be in Gates. I highly recommend this place to ppl in dire need of good mexican food, since it seems fashionable of late for Mexican joints to open up, gather a fanbase, only to get shut down while its hitting its stride. Everything we ate tasted really good, and the salsa is spicy! —TippingPoint

2009-01-20 10:05:22   Went here for dinner with my wife. It was very slow on a Saturday night (only two other people in the restaurant). I hope business picks up as more people find out about this place. The interior is very diner-like. We ordered a combo dinner for two that had a huge variety of food. Also, I love the complimentary chips and salsa. The service was friendly and attentive. I had a coupon for $3 off a $20 bill, but our bill wasn't even $20! Great value, and we will be returning. —AlexanderGartley

2009-01-23 08:12:28   Had lunch there. I'd sum it up as quick, decent Mexican food. Lunch specials are a variety of combos of burritos, tacos, and enchiladas with sides, mostly in the $5-$7 range. The hard taco shell clearly came out of a box, but at least this wasn't the smothered-in-cheese crap that passes for Mexican at a lot of places around here. Portions were reasonably sized, just about right for lunch. As another person mentioned, though, it is hard to find. It's in the same plaza as Sunset Lanes and Dollar General but it has a narrow front and not much of a sign. I drove past twice and this was in daytime. They'd better get a more noticeable sign if they want to stay in business. —DavidPausch

2009-01-29 15:25:42   The food is great - well prepared and spicy, and as authentic as you will find in the area. There is a decent vegetarian selection. The back of the menu has clear and simple explanations of different types of common Mexican food served, and a pronunciation guide. Full meal for under $10. —RobertFrapples

2009-03-08 16:51:05   Went for a late lunch- very pleased with everything we had. My husband tried a combo platter with a burrito, an enchilada, and a chile rellenos (sp?). We shared some tamales and I had a shrimp quesadilla. Will most certainly be back. —ShawnaLusk

2009-05-10 07:23:11   Think they are closed. Went there Friday night and appears that way. Shame. —LizzyBobio

2009-05-23 12:30:00   Closed. Phone has been disconnected. —RobertFrapples

2009-06-29 03:05:45   we found it but far too late... i think we were there in april and were the only ones there... it was great though. —JcPop