Papa Jack's Grill

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Papa Jacks Ice Cream.jpgPapa Jack's Ice Cream, located next door to Papa Jack's Grill

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261 West Main Street, Victor NY, 14564 [Directions]
Status (as of May 2019)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2008-07-07 15:30:48   Our department at work got take-out from here today. While I got a salad which is hard to screw up, I asked fellow co-workers to share their thoughts on their lunches.
One co-worker wrote:
"The hot turkey, meatloaf and hamburg sandwiches are an epicurean event of major proportions for gravy-loving carnivores who feel that there’s really just too much free space in their arteries anyway." Yes he went over the top when I asked for a one line commentary, but in essence, he was taken by their gravy.
Another co-worker said:
"Their hot sauce on their hamburger was brilliant, and I could taste a hint of cinnamon".

Give it a shot if you happen to be in Victor for some untold reason. —TippingPoint

2009-08-13 21:18:22   Great breakfast menu and portions, at a reasonable price! —MikeDixon