Papaya Asian Kitchen & Bar

Former Location
270 Miracle Mile Drive, Henrietta NY, 14623 in Marketplace Mall
Status (as of April 2018)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2014-11-09 18:15:59   My wife and I had dinner at Papaya's last night. I had the Takrai shrimp but I hate eggplant and sub'd the spicy green beans. Wonderful dish, really good and there was enough sauce to dip my rice. My wife had the butterfish. We ate here before and the Butterfish was her draw. Well, the fish was only kind of warm. It took a while to attract someone's attention. The waiter came by and took her dish back to heat it up. 10 ~ 15 minutes later the fish reappeared. What did they do?
The plate was hot but the food was not. The waiter never came by to ask how things were and we couldn't catch anyone's attention.
I drink wine but my wife drinks water. Her water glass was never refilled.
The food was not hot and the service was rather poor. This was not what I would expect of a $55.00 meal. —HenriettaRob