Joe's Crab Shack

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Former Location
100 Marketplace Drive, Henrietta NY, 14623 [Directions]
Satus (as of August 2017)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2011-09-13 23:17:46   Wow, after all the hype we were pretty disappointed with the food. The crab pots were small portions and the prices were pretty high. There were four of us and the bill was about $130 plus tip. We did have drinks and an appetizer. The drinks were cool. The staff sings and dances every once in a while which seems a bit awkward, only because our server didnt really seem to be into it... I wouldnt consider this place a great seafood choice if you really like seafood, which we all do. The service was alright, no real problems there. —heathertrahan

2011-10-05 14:27:00   I can't begin to describe how much I dislike this place. Every annoying chain restaurant trick in the book (ask "have you ever eaten here before," write their name in crayon when they first come to your table, sit down next to you in the booth when they take your order, etc.). The singing and dancing by the staff is just so awkward. Also annoying - we'd asked for some extra napkins and had to endure our server doing her stupid dance for three minutes, right next to our table, instead of bringing the napkins. Food is mediocre - and being crab and seafood based, it's expensive. There's better food, better service, better prices, better everything, all over this area, including most of the other dreadful chains on Jefferson. —bionicsimmons

2012-01-24 05:27:55   3 of us were there last night (Monday) the bill came to $130 without tip. I went there knowing it wasn't going to be cheap. The issue is backing up those kind of prices with quality food with decent portions and good service. The initial greeting by the server came timely, but after that, she pretty much became a ghost. The restaurant was not busy at all. After our server took our drink order, it took a while to get them. We ordered the fried calamari app. which was good, but again after our server dropped it off, we needed more sauce and couldn't seem to find her. We had to stop eating to wait for more sauce. We all ordered the steam pots. I know seafood is not cheap, but the portions we kind of small. For example- how about more than one roasted potato. After my beer being empty for a while, I ordered another beer which was forgot about. When I could flag down the server to let her know, she proceeded to sing a B-day song to the table behind us. It does seem like they are more interested in the "entertainment" business that the food service business. If I wanted to see a show I would go the theater. I think you can do alot better at a local restaurant that serves seafood. —selfclaimedcritic

2012-03-10 08:56:30   Went here soon after the opening. Fairly unimpressed and presently still unwillling to go back again with Red Lobster opposite to it. Service was funny, kind and nice, but food took a very long time to arrive. Ambiance is nice. but food is like the seafood you could easily get at Wegmans. Steam pots not extremely flavorful - more muddled than anything else. Pros: Service, ambiance, fun appeal; Cons: Price, food quality, time for food to arrive —AGoldman

2014-08-28 18:37:30   I finally got to go to Joe's Crab Shack! I loved it.

Pros: BIG lobsters, tasty crab. Tasty Garlic non-peeled steamed Shrimp. Fast service. Great staff: Mostly younger (mid twenties girls) Happy hr, buy one get one free drinks at bar. 4-7

Cons: Expensive. Friday's/Saturday's packed. We went at 5PM on Tuesday 8/26/2014 and it was 1/4 full. So, that is only time I have seen it NOT crowded (by driving by, looking at parking lot).

Ordered: Big Daddy pot. 1 Lobster, half pound of Queen Crab. Shrimp. 2 BIG Sausages. Full ear of corn on cob. Garlic RED BIG potatoes. Unlimited butter.

Overall: Great service, GREAT tasty food, cheap PBRs buy 1 get 1 free happy hr.

I have seen a few people say this place is not comparable to Red Lobster, which is right next door. I'm calling (bs). Red Lobster is absolutely a rip off now. Last time I went there, it was clear a lot of their products were bagged and steamed. For $10 more, I got what I described above instead of what you would get at Red Lobster, which is a lobster tail, small portion of crab legs, small corn... Bottom line: Go to Joe's.

2014-09-06 20:36:03   Wife and I went here tonight. Loved it! So much more value for the price then the "original" Crab Shack. —peteb