Rochester FastPack

Former Location
Rochester NY
Former Website
HTTP:// - April 2010 parked

This is a Gone, But Not Forgotten part of Rochester's History

Rochester FastPack was a free publication found at various locations incl. bars, tattoo parlors, tobacco shops, etc.
Advertising magazine, published by "Hells Angels, Rochester (81)" with some info on events for Motorcycle Enthusiasts.
The website HTTP:// started with music in 2008, had some information, but the page is parked as of April 2010
The [WWW]Current website of the Hells Angels Rochester also starts with flash and music.

Example: 2007-2008, second edition - 40 pages
size: 4.5 x 9 inch staple bound, all glossy paper, all single color pages. (red ink on white paper)


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