Ginger Cove

3193 Chili Ave, Rochester NY, 14624
CLOSED (as of 7/2010)

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2007-04-17 20:41:33   I have a bad peanut allergy and had given up on Thai restaurants until I found Ginger Cove. If you let someone know in advance, your food will be kept and prepared away from all peanuts (only one dish features peanuts at all) and they do not use peanut oil in their cooking process. They'll even seat you as far away from the kitchen as possible if you'd like. My friends and family tried the tamago and kani sushi, ha gow, two of the soups and three entrees and all were delicious. It's inexpensive but you get an incredible amount of food - we had a good stack of leftover boxes to take home. The facilities were clean, the staff friendly and the wait for freshly-made food was very reasonable. —SushiGirl

2007-07-23 14:02:10   I love restaurants that have both sushi and Thai food, so my companion and I made the trek out to Chili. We ordered a salmon roll, which unexpectedly contained cream cheese and avocado. When I mentioned I couldn't eat cream cheese, our waiter apologized and promptly brought out a salmon roll without the cream cheese. Our server was generally very attentive and pleasant. The food, unfortunately, was unexceptional. The sushi was fresh-tasting. Our green curry with beef was creamy but mild, and the beef was chewy. The lettuce wraps were tasty enough but not memorable, and the lemongrass soup was spicy and well done. In all, we left happy because of the good service, but the food was not quite daring enough. Prices were very reasonable, so I wouldn't mind giving this restaurant another shot to see if they improve with time. —EastSideStephen

2007-09-17 14:21:59   Outraged that there was a Thai place that I had yet to try, a couple of friends and I drove out to Chili. We started with the Tom Yum soup - a terrible let down. It tasted very plain...none of the strong sour/hot taste that defines a good tom yum soup. The pad thai was okay - my friend claimed it tasted identical to the "Taste of Thai" prepackaged pad thai. The basil chicken was mild and full of basil flavour but it needed a little bit of a kick. The ginger scallion chicken was spicy (based on my request) and had a strong ginger flavour. It was the best out of the 3. I thought the prices were high for the quality/authenticity of the food and the location/ambience of the restaurant. Overall, I wouldn't make that drive out there again but if I am in the area, I might stop by. —OneLove

2007-09-24 10:46:38   I really enjoyed my sauteed eggplant. I asked for it to be spicy, and it had a nice kick. My companion had a salmon salad she enjoyed, though it was pretty bland for my taste. Our server was very inexperienced, though friendly, and the other server spent the evening talking loudly to the diners at the table next to ours. Overall, the food was reasonably priced. I'll be back when I don't want to drive all the way into the city for Thai, and I'll be trying their Chinese take-out too. —AutumnHaag

2008-02-01 11:15:29   I've been back for take-out twice now, and am going to wait a while before coming back. Both times service was extremely slow, and while waiting for my food, I noticed tension between the waitresses and cooks - shouting and returned orders. I had a clear view of the kitchen while waiting it was not a pretty sight - dishes everywhere. The food was tasty, but I'm going to wait and see if they can work out their service and organizational issues before I return. —AutumnHaag

2008-04-04 20:10:42   We have tried this restaurant a dozen times now and have given up. The food has been inconsistent (good a couple of times). We kept hoping they would get their operation streamlined. The nail in the coffin for us was repeated terrible service and it takes forever for your food. It is very unfortunate that they cannot get it together as there is potential in Chili for a good Sushi place. —WestSidePhil

2008-07-26 23:45:05   Reading the comments I do agree with some of you, the consisticy of the food does vary. But Ginger Cove has had a couple diffrent chefs come in and each chef has there own way of cooking things. As for the waiting for food I don't think its that bad I sit in a Fridays resturant for two hours just to get a drink.
and nobody complains, But you do have to think that there are only two people waiting on you at the most. I know if that was me I would be a little slow at getting everyone there food.
The Sushi is GREAT! I love it!
Overall I think Ginger Cove is a nice family resturant.
Plus the prices are so affordable you would be crazy not to try it!
:) —Autum

2008-08-02 19:36:43   The food is really just mediocre and we've tried it several times. Each time we've called for take-out something has been wrong with the order, which is quite frustrating. I think we'll stick with Thai Taste. —ShawnaLusk

2008-08-06 20:29:40   After reading all the negative comments regarding this restaurant, we tried it again anyways. This will be the last time....the chicken fried rice was not even fried and the chicken was rubbery. We have eaten at this place a few times since they opened, with the quality of the food getting less and less each time. Too bad...we will have to find another place...not going back again. —juliesmith

2008-08-21 03:42:03   They make many dishes vegetarian by replacing the traditional proteins with bean curd (tofu) like general tso's or sesame. I found the sushi good as well as their tofu dishes. It seems to be more of a takeout place then a sit down restaurant - eating there was a strange feeling since we were the only seated table while people kept coming in to get their takeout. The one complaint would be the lack of spice in their food - I requested things spicy and they came very mild. —TimDoster

2009-05-19 10:25:04   2009-05-19 I have been to the Ginger Cove Restaurant many, many times. I love the place. The food is diverse, fresh and always served piping hot. I totally disagree with the reviews so far. I love the fact that I can go have my Thai or Sushi with a friend who only eats Chinese. I have invited many of my friend to meet me there for lunch or dinner and they too were very impressed with the freshness of the food-not your typical greasy Chinese! What a novel idea to combine all three. The prices are fair, and the amount of food is unbelievable and it is quality food, very fresh everytime I've dined there. Don't judge by the remarks here-they are way off base!!!! Lennie

2009-05-19 11:03:54   2009-05-19 I just wrote the last review and wanted to note a very important comment. I believe that the comments listed below were from when Ginger Cove first opened, back in 2007-they have come a long way since then and deserve a break here-I don't understand why there has to be such negativism-Give this Lady a break and go try her cuisine-don't you wnat small business people to succeed?? This is her dream-don't diss her-her food is excellent, believe me-go try for yourself. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! LENNIE —EileenHirschler

2009-05-26 15:56:31   The place had good food. Specifically, the Pad Thai was quite tasty. When I started recommending the restaurant to others, I found that many others have had similar enjoyable experiences. There is a section of their menu noting Gluten-Free items, and supposedly they can make other items with GF options as well. Excellent to find a GF-friendly place with tasty food. They have the capacity to make things as spicy as you like them. I asked for an "American spicy" level of heat and it was definitely on the spicy side. Next time we'll ask for the spiciest possible food they have.... —SB

2009-07-03 11:04:15   We had our baby shower at Ginger Cove 3 weeks ago. It was inexpensive,the staff was very attentive,the food was all fresh with many varieties and my family & friends loved it. Some have returned already. A great place for a small party. —bzingo

2010-08-17 18:02:34   I liked ginger cove, sorry to see them go. I guess chili can only support one chinese restaurant. —willpowell

2011-02-19 15:24:08   A new restaurant, Asian Moon Cafe, has opened in this location. I've tried to create a new entry for it but am clearly missing something...user error I'm sure. Their menu is Chinese/Thai/Curry and is pretty extensive and they've got 15% off until March 14. The number is 585-571-9013- open Mon-Thurs 11-9:30, Fri 11-10:30, Sat 11:30-10:30 and Sun 11:30-9:30. Could someone help create an entry for them? I'll edit and comment. Thanks! —ShawnaLusk

2016-07-12 22:38:16   This was one of my favorite restaurants in the area. The food was always great and the staff were always helpful and kind. I frequented the establishment at least once a week and when I was moving out of state the lady who ran the restaurant gave me a flower as a goodbye gift. I'm sad to have seen the place gone when I came back to visit, it will always be a special memory for me of Rochester NY. —maggiemoops