Chung Thai

Former Location
7374 Pittsford-Palmyra Road Fairport, NY 14450
CLOSED (as of Fall 2007)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Chung Thai served free hot tea and crunchy noodles with duck sauce. Try the sesame tofu!


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2006-11-08 09:49:17   I went there a few weeks ago. Quite a haul from Henrietta and it was not worth it. Don't get me wrong - the food is not terrible but .. i wouldnt drive this far for it. The tom yum soup is flavourful. However, the chicken's consistency was..simply weird. It was really thin, chewy and somewhat slimy. Maybe it is just me..could anyone else confirm/deny this? —OneLove

2008-03-01 21:41:54   CHUNG THAI closed last fall, remodeled (much needed!), and reopened last month as SAK'S THAI CUISINE with new management, new menu, new chef, new everything except the chandelier in the dining room. The fish tank is gone, sadly, but you really won't miss it for all the major improvements. Excellent food, great service, and you can still ask for traditional Chinese food off the menu if you must. PHONE 421-9010 website: 3/1/08 —BethWlodarczyk