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Rochester was once divided into a set of [WWW]Wards, a voting district. Now the city is divided by sectors, quadrants, and neighborhoods.
While the wards have mostly disappeared, the area of town known as The 19th Ward has kept its identity based on its old ward boundaries.

While most government entities stopped using the Ward Designation many years ago, the Real Estate industry continued to use them, and still refers to them, even if they do not know or use the actual boundaries. There are still designations such as the Third Ward Historic District because of the historic boundaries associated with wards.


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2005-08-18 09:26:53   AFAIK, the city today is not divided into wards, but it was divided as wards in the 19th and earily 20th century. A few areas have retained their 'ward' names (18th, and 19th), but I don't think there are official wards in Rochester anymore. —FarMcKon

2007-02-13 22:56:14   They've been converted into Sectors 1-10, which can be further subdivided into neighborhoods. See [WWW]http://www.cityofrochester.gov/dcd/NBN/sector_map2.cfmDaveMahon