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114 University Avenue, Rochester NY 14605 [Directions]
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Planned Parenthood offers birth control, emergency contraception, counseling STI testing and treatment, HIV/AIDS testing, abortion, gyno exams, community education, rape crisis services, and a variety of other services. This branch in particular is known for having a wonderful staff. You can call their helpline to make an appointment, talk to a nurse, or ask questions about their services and you always get a real person on the other end. It's a good idea to make an appointment before going and be prepared to be buzzed in. The staff are warm, welcoming people (mostly women) and they'll help you to feel comfortable. They have a pleasant waiting room with a television and magazines. They're excellent at helping people with financial issues and they offer assistance to those need it.

Sometimes there are protesters outside. They legally have to stand a certain distance from the building, so they're easy to avoid. These people don't seem to understand that most of the people who go into Planned Parenthood are picking up their birth control, being STD tested, or doing other things that don't have a whole lot to do with abortions; I wouldn't bother trying to explain to this to them. I have been tempted to shout, "I'M JUST PICKING UP MY NUVARING!" but there isn't too much of a point. If you're the feisty type you could try talking to them (or maybe photographing them, that might freak them out!) or even bringing your own humorous signs and pretending to stand with them. They usually aren't there, though, and it's probably best to pay them no mind.

In the greater Roc area, there are also Planned Parenthood health centers in Greece, Batavia, and Canandaigua. You can see if there is one near you at [WWW]


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2012-07-25 19:53:44   I'm told the protestors are mostly there on Thursday. —EileenF