Alternatives for Battered Women

PO Box 39601, Rochester, NY 14604 1
Phone/TTY (24 Hours a Day)
585 232 7353 TTY: 585 232 1741
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Alternatives for Battered Women is a nonprofit organization that serves the Rochester community by providing shelter and services for women and their children from the domestic violence of abusive partners. Including:

A shocking statistic from their site: each year they respond to six to seven thousand calls to their hotline.


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2008-09-13 17:45:18   I would like to donate 3 cell phones each with a charger, but am unable to bring them downtown. I would like to receive a letter stating that I had donated the phones. i live in the town of Greece. is there anyway we can collaborate, so that I can donate these to you? Thanks Debby 225-7087 —DebbyWilliams