Lupus Foundation of Genesee Valley NY

421 Penbrooke Drive, Suite 2B, Rochester, NY 14526
585 288 2910
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The Lupus Foundation of Genesee Valley NY, Inc. 1 is a nonprofit organization providing services and programs for those affected by lupus within the Genesee Valley region of New York State and the Greater Rochester Area.

RocWiki does not provide any medical information, please consult the organization's website or other medical websites for information about Lupus, its diagnosis and treatment.


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2007-04-30 21:52:00   — Lupus is a disease that primarily affects women in their child bearing years, ages 15-55. It is much more common in women than in men, but found in men and children. This disease compromises the autoimmune system and can be life altering and even fatal. There is no specific tests to determine who is at risk nor is there one definative test that can diagnose the disease. People suffer for years and years with the disease and physicians are hesitant to diagnose individuals with the disease due to the sympotms being so vague. Symptoms are as everyday as fatigue, achiness, joint pain, rashes, forgetfulness and thinning of hair. In todays society with life being so busy it is very common for individuals fighting fatigue and joint soreness. Minority women such as African American, Hispanic, Asian, and American Indian women have a 2 times greater chance of being diagnosed with this disease.

There are many medications that will assist with the pain as well as slow the deteriation process to joints and major organs. At the current time there is no cure for the disease, but getting information is the first step to gaining power over it. There are tests that can be administered that will assist with doctors to see if specific antibodies are in the blood and therefore begin the journey to be able to live with the disease. If you have any questions, there is the Lupus Foundation of Genesee Valley NY Chapter located on 500 Helendale Drive, that is a resource that everyone should use. —EvelynSheffer