Greater Rochester Area


Rochester,_NY_CSAcrop.png[WWW]Rochester CSA ilovenysmapcrop.jpg[WWW] Regions The Greater Rochester Area normally refers to the Census Bureau's [wikipedia]Rochester Metropolitan Statistical Area which includes Rochester, Monroe County, and the surrounding Livingston, Ontario, Orleans, and Wayne counties - shown in red in map at right.

The Census Bureau's [WWW]Rochester Combined Statistical Area extends the area to include the micro-statistical areas of Batavia (Genesee County = blue) and Seneca Falls (Seneca County = green). As of the 2010 Census, the CSA had a population of 1,149,653. 1

The other major areas of Western New York include the [syrwiki]Syracuse MSA to the east and the [bufwiki]Buffalo-Niagara Falls MSA, to the west.

New York State breaks down into [WWW]named regions, with parts of the Rochester Area falling within the northwest corner of the [WWW]Finger Lakes Region. As part of that region, our focus extends east toward Syracuse and south toward Corning.

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