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45 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604-2294 [Directions]
Suite 400
800 677 7282
585 279 8300
585 546 6810 events line
<info AT VisitRochester DOT com>

VisitRochester is the official tourism promotion agency for Monroe County. They were formerly known as the Greater Rochester Visitors Association. They sell and market Greater Rochester as a preferred destination, in order to grow and maximize visitor spending to enhance the economy. To this end, VisitRochester also advocates for appropriate destination development, investment and increase community awareness, and appreciation and support for the visitor industry.

VisitRochester markets and promotes local festivals, events, and attractions such as Fairport Canal Days, Susan B. Anthony House, Corn Hill Arts Festival, and George Eastman House to potential visitors.

VisitRochester publishes an annual visitor guide, currently called "Explore". In addition to their offices and information center at 45 East Avenue, they also have offices located at Riverside Convention Center to help bring in meetings and conventions.

Current promotional campaigns include [WWW], [WWW], [WWW]
Past promotional campaigns have included Rochester Made for Living and I'd Rather Be In Rochester.


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